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It's My Birthday And I'll Cry if I Want To!

I'm 52 today and I do look like in the photo to the right. I still don't have gray hair and I don't wear glasses so I'm doing OK. If I could just shed some of the fat.

6,782 Dead Squirrels During Oregon Squirrel Shoot

Things to do with a dead squirrel

Burt Rosenberg: Another One of God's Gems

Shown here: evidence of the striking likeness to The King.
Here is some of his art, and a quote he uses to go with it: "Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society." –Mark Twain

For more of Burt Rosenberg, a good friend, Messianic Jew and "Joy Spritzer" go to

Burt is a comedian who was doing the East coast circuit when he found Christ. He decided to take his comedy into the church and has been doing his comedy there ever since, giving seminars on joy! One of his funniest concepts is: "Die now, avoid the rush!" You can kind of guess, theologically what this means.

I met him in the Twin Cities and laughed thoroughly at one of his presentations in a church here and got to meet and spend time with him. We have become friends and have kept in touch by e-mail. He has a great testimony, especially relating his experience of losing his father tragically at a young age, and overcoming that. He is a very funny man. But that's Jewish!

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Here's A Miracle!

My parents receive fliers from various missionaries, and one caught my interest. It was Cup of Cold Water Ministries, located mostly in Asia, a ministry focused mostly on women in prostitution and children. And they have this special ministry in Bangkok, Thailand on the streets to the prostitutes there, called 'Servantworks' run by a guy named Jim. My parents haven't been giving money to this ministry or had anything to do with it except receive their mail, but I took an interest. I sent them some money and they responded. I did a post on this back in February on my old blog.

Suddenly, out of nowhere I received a comment on my blog from a guy who knows them and has been there and worked with them. I don't know him from Adam! There is no connection between my blog and my regular mail. It is purely an act of God connecting me with this guy. His name is Bill Graver and he has pictures on his blog of his time in Thailand working with Jim Larson's ministry. On His blog there is also a connection with Jim Larson's blog telling of the ministry in Thailand.

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Friday, June 22, 2007


I thought of this because of Jonathan and Zechariah's posts over at Ambassadors of Christ and because of Andy's post over at Mile From The Beach. How many of us have felt this way after finding Jesus? And in America, how many of us have still been looking for something despite our good, Christian background which should have given us everything we need and because of which we shouldn't be looking for anything? Yet look at us! Ridden with infidelity and divorce, drug addiction and obesity, greed and gambling addiction, to name a few.

How many people do you know who do not have a deep experience of love? An experience of the love of God? Do you even have a strong frame of reference of the love of God yourself from which to decide what this is? And before we talk about the enemies of God, and decide who they are, we need to determine that first by whether or not certain people have truly rejected God or if they have never actually had an opportunity to know God, even in a country like ours. It is possible to be isolated from the truth in America. Despite our Christian heritage, we have a strong need for revival, is what I am saying. And like my good friend Burt Rosenberg has said, you can't have the re-vive without the vive! We may not have ever had the vive!

We have had plenty of good principles, rules, regulations, hellfire sermons, traditions, hard work and good people, but I'm not so sure we have had a strong revelation of the love of God and the grace of God. We're good at being good and at working hard at being good, but we aren't so good at letting go and letting God.

I pray we'd truly find what we have been looking for.....

OK. My mom has just informed me that I forget that America has had revivals - the Azusa street revival in the L.A. area, and the charismatic renewal of the 70's. It's just that these times of refreshing are so long away that it seems as if they never happened. So, we have had the vive. Let's have the revive!

Monday, June 18, 2007 Monkey Business (Plastic Bubbles)

Gabrielle Eden-today

Career Builder - Titanic

CareerBuilder Monkeys - Monkey Business (Starting a New Day) Ad

Monkeys are amazing animals!

The Father's Song - the MP3 file

You can go here to listen to Matt Redman's song, and to hear other his songs too. Redman is English, so listen to hear the quality of depth in his worship, since he is a part of the light shining in the darkness in the UK and Europe just talked about in the previous post. He is one of our foremost worship leaders and songwriters in the world today.

My father was a disappointment and still is. He is a retired Lutheran minister and he abused me verbally and a little bit physically too. He has always been a mystery - contradicting what he preaches. With severe anger and impatience with people that showed no Christian love, mostly behind the scenes where church people couldn't see it, one wondered where and how Christ was living in his heart. It was explained by Jesus in the gospels where he said the Word fell on hard ground, a hard heart, and didn't produce fruit. That is my dad.

He severely damaged my relationship to God, and I lived apart from God for years and in wrong relationships with men. The end result? I ended up coming back to Minnesota at 30 seeking to reconcile with my dad and seeking a more stable life. I fell in love with a man ten years younger than me. It didn't work out and I was devastated. I then started to seek God at about 37 and haven't stopped since.

I have come so close to God and it is oh so good to be close to father God. And who do I have to thank? My dad. If he hadn't hurt me, if my earthly father hadn't failed me, I may not have drawn so close to the heavenly father. I can thank the young man who left me too, because it was after he left that I started to passionately pursue The Father.

It is so hard for those of us who have a damaged relationship with our earthly fathers. I live with him again and he hasn't changed - that's the hardest part. He is still abusive toward my mom, avoiding me because he does have a conscience about that, and because in his elderly frailty he no longer has the energy to abuse me.

What do we do in that situation? We have no choice but to forgive and to keep on forgiving. I now understand why Jesus talked about forgiving 70 times 7. We have to do it over and over again. And it's hard. It's hard when someone has refused to change. But I have forgiven my dad, and I do love him as my dad. I love him as the WWII veteran that he is, and for all that he does not understand in this life, but he will understand someday when he goes to be with God. In part I believe he will be judged, but I also believe he will finally be loved in ways he never was, and his spirit will finally be freed from the bondage that it is in - bondage that none of us is able to free him from.

When I listen to a beautiful song like Matt Redman's about The Father, I do not think of my earthly father, but I think of my perfect heavenly father, who has so nearly perfectly (at this point in my life) replaced the missing father love that so severely damaged me, with his perfect father love. The Father's Song is a song that The Father has sung over me. Let Him sing it over you.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Father's Song

by Matt Redman

I have heard so many songs
Listened to a thousand tongues
But there is one
That sounds above them all

The Father's song
The Father's love
You sung it over me and for eternity
is written on my heart

Heaven's perfect melody
The Creator's symphony
You are singing over me
The Father's song
Heaven's perfect mystery
The king of love has sent for me
And now you're singing over me
The Father's song

I have heard so many songs
Listened to a thousand tongues
But there is one
That sounds above them all
[Sounds above them all]

The Father's song
The Father's love
You sung it over me and for eternity
Is written on my heart


Heaven's perfect mystery
The king of love has sent for me
And now you're singing over me
The Father's song

The Father's song
The Father's love
You sung it over me and for eternity
It's written on my heart
[It's written on my heart]

The Father's song
The Father's love
You sung it over me and for eternity
It's written on my heart
It's written on my heart
You sing it over me

Father's Day Originated In Spokane

It really kills me how little is made of dads! How are men supposed to embrace fatherhood if we don't honor them for the incredible hard work they do in being dads? Today in church, hardly anything was said about it - ach! I hardly think this post is going to make up for it.

This article again brings out the fact that this holiday has not been celebrated for that long, (since 1909) again showing how short a time we have been 'civilized' and in how short a time we are tearing it down. It also tells us that, of all people, Richard Nixon made this into a firm holiday in 1972. Who would have thought?


SPOKANE, Wash. -- Sonora Smart Dodd sat in church on Mother's Day in 1909, and didn't like what she heard.

The Rev. Harry Rasmus was rambling on about the importance of mothers, but had nothing to say about fathers.

Dodd decided then that men like her father, William Smart - a widowed Civil War veteran who raised his six children on a farm - needed a similar holiday, and embarked on a lifelong quest to make it happen.

It was a long slog for the Spokane woman.

While Mother's Day was quickly accepted as a national holiday, it took decades for fathers to get the same acclaim. Father's Day only this year is celebrating its 35th anniversary since President Nixon made it a permanent holiday in 1972.

Read the rest of the article here, and have a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, DADS! Don't let anyone undermine your importance.

Internet Radio Network

Someone just "turned me on" to this site which has a connection to major conservative and Christian radio head honchos from Michael Medved to James Dobson, with their schedules - cool! For now, I am only on the internet at Caribou coffee shops, sipping cappuccino and staring into the window of my computer like a freak in public, with limited time on the internet. But someday I'll come back to this post when I have more extensive home internet access and I'll use this radio network.

Trunk Monkey Compilation

This is in answer to Animal Kingdom Jihad. This is how the animals are giving back to us.

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This Little Light Of Ours

I remember visiting Great Britain in 1989 and being aware of occult activity and witchcraft there at the time. I learned more about the witchcraft in England when the Harry Potter books came out. In general, it has been clear that Europe as well as England is in a post-Christian era. It made sense, the threat of Islam in Europe and Great Britain because with the decline of Christianity, it left people open to other influences. But I was visiting a church in revival in Toronto that had people coming from all over the world, particularly people from various parts of Europe and the UK. And I was hearing about how churches were reviving in the UK and Europe.

I have a cousin who has been very concerned about the rise of Islam in Europe and the UK and he has been finding articles about it and forwarding them to me. It looks awfully bleak. But you have to know the truth beyond that stark reality in order to have a positive sense about the future. In God's kingdom, the truth(mostly not through the media but by word of mouth) is always bright, because He is always at work beneath the surface and it is always good. This article on Christianity in Europe tells about that reality. The author of this article seems to be fueled by the same sources as I had: hearing of European and British churches and their returning to an early church passion for Christ and practicing the miracles of Jesus.

In the post-Christian era that Europe has, no one assumes that Christianity is the "way" anymore. As the article states, the Alpha Course being taught by London's Holy Trinity Brompton church is taught as if one doesn't know what Christianity is about. I think that if America continues as it is going, it will end up as Europe is and it will be a blessing for Christians. Policy may not be made according to the values of a "moral majority." Leaders may not be the ones chosen by Christians. Christians will be challenged, just as they are in Europe with radical Islam rearing its ugly head. But Christians will set aside differences and bond together more. The miracles of Jesus will again be practiced. The passion will get stronger. The light will become brighter in the darkness.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Elderly Hotties: Is There Such A Thing?

How do you like my timing? Right after "Win Over Sin" I'm doing a post on elderly women (in their 70's and 80's!) who pose semi-nude to create a calendar.
Here's how I'll make it relevant. This is what God has saved me from: being an old woman and still doing things this stupid. What a hoot! That's one nice thing about getting older - the temptations in the sexual area get less because one isn't "all that" anymore. I mean, every so often it will seem like a guy is looking at me the way guys looked at me when I was "all that" and I'll be thinking "you've got to be kidding me." I mean, the fat on my stomach is good for something.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Win Over Sin, rewritten

The answer to the sin problem is very simple, but not easy. The primary thrust of this writing is: to overcome sin we must become so weak, so perfectly unable to do for ourselves what only God can do that we fall before His mercy and receive His grace, at last.

Our inability to receive His grace, especially those of us who are so good at being good and have long been taught the way of striving, is our main problem.

It took me so long to learn this, and I had to unlearn so much of what I thought I’d learned.

The bible makes it clear that His strength is made manifest in our weakness, and that our righteousness is as filthy rags. Unless His strength replaces our weakness, we have attained nothing.

How does this play out? Since sexual desire has always been strong for me, and there has been a stronghold in the area of my relationships, I have had to go for years and years without a mate as a way to find an outlet for this energy.

So, sexual sin was always my biggest weakness. Let me start there. The way to getting victory was so simple I missed it. We make these valiant attempts, even when we are sincere in loving God, to rid ourselves of sin, but we become freakish and self-righteous in the process. We make our Christianity a source of insanity. People become crazy over Christ and the sin problem. Balance is so difficult for most people. That’s why Jesus said that the way is narrow and not easy. That’s what he meant when he said, “few there be that find it.”

How do you get the victory? First, I am assuming here I am addressing those who have a desire to get a victory. If you don’t truly desire to get rid of sin there is no way. If your sin doesn’t grieve you, one would wonder if you have even gotten saved. The Holy Spirit, which God gave you, will convict you of sin.

Next, you rid yourself of dishonesty and you become totally open and honest about what you do wrong. By trying to hold things in, and rely on self-control, by trying to stuff things away, we also can deceive ourselves and keep from seeing our sin.

I have such good restraint. I am so controlled - never having had a drug or alcohol problem. I have no desire for substances. I don’t like bad habits. I brush my teeth regularly; I can eat just right, no problem. I can fast, no problem. I can exercise religiously - no problem. My problem has been that natural strength that I was born with. It has been so easy for me to be religious, to strive.

Natural strength has to be let go of.

The brief period of learning this was a sexy one. However, I soon found myself longing for victory, the real way, over sexual sin, because the consequences, which manifest internally and emotionally, were not so sexy. Externally, the usual bad treatment by my partner was painful.

Prior to this I got extreme in abstinence and self-restraint. I had a young, Christian roomie who was a virgin and thrived on her influence. I abstained from all forms of sex: masturbation, etc. I was harsh, ascetic, and fierce. I fasted, and resisted all involvements with the opposite sex; I avoided every form of temptation, and only spent time with Christians. It brought absolutely no lasting change. I eventually found myself frustrated again.

I then met a guy who became my boyfriend who wasn’t even a true Christian. Now I had the perfect temptation - a man in my life, and a man with no restraint. It was better he had no restraint than if I were dealing with the spirit of religion, however. But, no holds were barred – no self-restraints on my part. During the period of being sexually active with him, I came home to my sanctuary, and took communion a lot. I had been keeping these crackers made in Jerusalem - unleavened bread. And, I used whatever juice I had, preferably grape juice. I called the bread Christ’s body and the juice His blood and I took them.

I repented of my sin and recognized that there was no reason to condemn myself, and no reason to deny myself the body and blood. I was believing that the body and blood would give me victory over sin. Confessing and repenting in this case did not mean I would not sin again in the same way – I knew that. But for a besetting sin, this seems to be the way to handle it. You repent and confess until the next time, until you get the victory.

I have a nice prayer or confession to accompany communion. I did nothing at all outwardly to deny myself or to deny my sin.

I did sin again, but it was grief to me. I repeated the exercise, knowing that I would get the victory. It’s important to see that I kept the switch of faith on at all times. Jesus said that the work of God is to believe, and this is so true. I kept on believing through all this. But I also received God’s grace. These are the two important elements

I bought a ring with a cross in it, to wear on my left hand - a reminder of who I belonged to. Eventually, I got a victory. Later I praised God that He did it.

I received God’s grace. This is the thing that many Christians miss. They simply have never been able to receive God’s grace. It is essential to receive that and nothing more - not try to fix ourselves, not try to put on a righteous fa├žade.

I accepted God’s unmerited favor and I resisted the devil. The bible says that we submit to God and resist the devil and he will flee.

In the case of unforgiveness, it was much harder for me to let go and allow whatever was in me come out. I don’t enjoy the feelings of hate.

This is an area I had to deal with later - much harder!

But the essential elements are: receiving God’s grace as you receive his body and blood and believing that you will have a victory over the sin, even while you are still sinning. The results can be profound.

Communion Prayer

Prayer: Father in heaven, I examine myself today to see if there is anything in me that is displeasing to You. In Jesus name I ask You to forgive me for _______, and to release me from the power of this sin. I break the hold of my judgment against anyone who has hurt me and allow him or her to go free of me. I ask You to forgive me for any part I had in causing this and to cleanse me.

And now we will repeat the words of Jesus as He broke bread with His disciples:

Take, eat, this is my body, like the body of the Lamb eaten by Israel, broken for you to bear your sins, so you may die to sin and live to righteousness. This body heals you of the results of sin, and heals the body. Do this in remembrance of me.

Drink, for this is my blood of the new covenant, not the old covenant of the blood of animals, but the new covenant of the blood of the eternal Lamb of God. This was shed for you to pardon sin, to release you from sin. This blood sets you free from the destruction that sin has caused, and heals the soul. Do this in remembrance of me.

Lord, we remember You and what You have done for us.

To read about continued victory over sexual sin go to this post.

My original Win Over Sin is over at Go Free Now.

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The American Dream: Eat 'Til You Die?

The Onion provided this photo and has done some borderline funny commentaries on American obesity.
It's beyond me, eating when you are doing that kind of damage to your body. But over-eating is a sin problem made provision for by the cross. If something is a sin it's easier to get rid of it because Jesus said if you confess your sin He is faithful and just and will forgive your sin and cleanse you from all unrighteousness.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Great Moments In Presidential Speeches Compilation

President Bush Makes Fun of Himself (really)

I keep this to remember the first president I've ever truly liked. I know I'm walking with a minority when I adore a president liked by only about 20% of the people. I just think "I'm not popular and I never want to be."

Will Ferrel on George Bush on Global Warming

I just want to make clear that I don't agree with the premise that Bush cares nothing for the environment or knows nothing about global warming. It's just that Bush can laugh at himself, as I'm sure he has when watching this, and I enjoy Will Ferrell's antics imitating Bush.

Will Ferrell as Bush

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Top 10 George W. Bush Moments (Letterman)

Retired Gen. George Washington Criticizes Bush's Handling Of Iraq War

The Revolutionary War veteran noted that while Hussein was a tyrant, that alone did not justify a "conflict that seems without design... more in The Onion

It's a testimony to a great leader - Bush's undaunted by the fact that a president comes back from the dead to criticize him.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Possum or Human Fetus?

This story about saving a tiny possum reminds me of how people get all mushy over saving a tiny animal that looks like a tiny human, while tiny humans are still getting yanked out of wombs.

Women In Art

500 years of female portraits in Western art. Since so many guys visit here, you ought to enjoy this. Someone made a cool video blending one portrait into the next. I am a portrait artist, and thus recognize that the face, though it can be viewed as something sexual, is actually a thing for artistic scrutiny.

Guy Who Invented Hands-Free Cell Phone Device

Did you know he was black? Bob Newhart made some joke about how you can't tell anymore if someone is schizophrenic or just talking on his cell phone. Now it's even worse with the little hands-free cell phone devices. You always have to double check.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Tubby The Fearless

One last look at Tubby the cat. I lost him in Texas in a car accident - disappeared from the scene so he's there somewhere, hopefully not getting too hot. The Pomeranian in the background perfectly demonstrates how he was often mistaken for that type of dog, as he would walk next to me when we got out at rest areas along the road, no leash! The sign above about snakes and scorpions (we were in Arizona) demonstrates his great courage, as he boldly walked out, unafraid of any peril.

I dearly miss him, but since he was such a people cat, am quite sure he got adopted again and is making someone else as happy as he made me.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Rob Thomas - Little Wonders

As old as I am, I have an insatiable need for new music. I cannot stand nostalgic music and just about die when people have the oldies 60, 70's and 80's stations on.

Liberty Bell

Remarks Of Queen Elizabeth II
At The Presentation Of The Bicentennial Bell, July 6, 1976

I speak to you as the direct descendant of King George III. He was the last Crowned Sovereign to rule in this country, and it is therefore with a particular personal interest that I view those events which took place 200 years ago.

It seems to me that Independence Day, the Fourth of July, should be celebrated as much in Britain as in America. Not in rejoicing at the separation of the American Colonies from the British Crown but in sincere gratitude to the Founding Fathers of this great Republic for having taught Britain a very valuable lesson.

We lost the American colonies because we lacked that statesmanship “to know the right time, and the manner of yielding, what is impossible to keep.”

But the lesson was learned. In the next century and a half we kept more closely to the principles of Magna Carta which have been the common heritage of both our countries.

We learned to respect the right of others to govern themselves in their own ways. This was the outcome of experience learned the hard way in 1776. Without that great act in the cause of liberty performed in Independence Hall two hundred years ago, we could never have transformed an Empire into a Commonwealth!

Ultimately peace brought a renewal of friendship which has continued and grown over the years and has played a vital part in world affairs. Together we have fought in two world wars in the defence of our common heritage of freedom. Together we have striven to keep the peace so dearly won. Together, as friends and allies, we can face the uncertainties of the future, and this is something for which we in Britain can also celebrate the Fourth of July.

This morning I saw the famous Liberty Bell. It came here over 200 years ago when Philadelphia, after London, was the largest English speaking city in the world. It was cast to commemorate the Pennsylvania Charter of Privileges, but is better known for its association with the Declaration of Independence.

Today, to mark the 200th anniversary of that declaration, it gives me the greatest pleasure, on behalf of the British people, to present a new bell to the people of the United States of America. It comes from the same foundry as the Liberty Bell, but written on the side of the Bicentennial Bell are the words “Let Freedom Ring”.

It is a message in which both our people can join and which I hope will be heard around the world for centuries to come.

- It's so cool how she says that Britain learned from America. I found this when I visited the new Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. They were handing out copies of these remarks there.

Patrick Henry's Whole "Give Me Liberty" Speech

You can read it here. Here is an excerpt:
If we wish to be free-- if we mean to preserve inviolate those inestimable privileges for which we have been so long contending--if we mean not basely to abandon the noble struggle in which we have been so long engaged, and which we have pledged ourselves never to abandon until the glorious object of our contest shall be obtained--we must fight! I repeat it, sir, we must fight!