Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ignorance Truly IS Bliss

I've been ignoring all the major news sites for a while now, and have been closing my ears to current events, even when I go to the internet. I was going to the blog Gateway Pundit a lot, but haven't been there in a good while since he is into hardcore reality, preferring nonsense or the musings of complicated minds instead.

Who wouldn't(?), is what I think! I just go through these phases of childlikeness, it seems, where I can't take any more. The truth breaks my heart. I can't take all the Hollywood gossip nonsense either. I feel guilty not knowing what's going on, but it soothes the brain. And I've been busy too, by the way, if anyone wonders. My blogging suffers when I'm busy, but also when I get bored of the internet and blogging. I am looking to do something other than get on the internet these days. I need to break away, like that Kelly Clarkson song.

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