Thursday, July 12, 2007

Laughing At Myself!

I was going back to my earliest posts on my old blog Go Free Now! and found one called Intro and Directory where I'm talking about all the essays I've written to share with anyone who would like one. I say that if you would like one, just let me know and I'll e-mail it. Now some of those essays have been posted on my blog, such as "Why Do I Extol The Jew?" or "Ismail" but looking over the ones I haven't posted, I realize with horror that most of the others aren't even finished. I have neglected to flesh them out.

I did an essay on gardening, on the parallels the gardener finds between the world of the garden and life, such as: weeds appear with no effort. They grow freely and appear easily, just as evil is always so attainable and available. But in that essay, all I have written is: "weeds appear with no effort, they grow freely and appear easily" and I have nothing written about what the parallel with life would be.

I have an essay on "The Alchemy of Music" about taking secular music and turning it into worship, and I never realized I hadn't completed that until I looked at it the other day.

I have another essay on affliction and it ends after the words: "But what if Satan has attacked and we have experienced great loss? There we are, already sick, already down, already nearly destroyed." I end it with a question I haven't even answered.

A man was visiting my blog early on when I got started, from the United Arab Emirates, who asked for my essay called "Ismail," a Christian witness to Muslims. I didn't realize until after I sent that to him that it hadn't been edited properly, and hoped I hadn't messed him up. You just pray a lot after that.

I wrote a post early in my first blog about getting right with God, and who goes to heaven or hell, touching on the heavy subjects like predestination, but hardly addressing them thoroughly. After reading it again I deleted it and prayed I didn't lead anyone astray with that post!

So I find out that I have hardly even done what I set out to do when I started this blog, which was to write wonderful essays that would profoundly impact people. I am hardly the writer I thought I was. I think that Kingdavid has taught me to to enjoy being myself more, which is being a lover of nonsense, and finding that occasionally I can also say something profound.


Bill Graver said...

This is hilarious!

I say that only because I understand. I have several notebooks filled with unfinished writings, many of them ending mid-sentence.

I don't know about you Gabrielle, but I'm terrible at finishing things. If I don't finish it in one sitting, then it usually never will be.

Oh well, at least I'm not alone :-)

By the way, Jim and Judy flew back to Bangkok on Tuesday so now they're back on the 'battle field.'

Gabrielle Eden said...

Thanks Bill. This blogging thing is so fun. Thanks for visiting. I have added to this, as you can see, something else I forgot to mention. Fun to laugh at ourselves. i plan to write a snail letter to Jim and Judy soon.

I would absolutely say I'm coming down to visit you in your church in Chicago, but am so burnt on travel that I don't even have the desire to travel that far right now. I traveled all over the U.S. by car for a year. Am taking a rest.

Bill Graver said...

Wow! I think it would be cool to take a year off and do something like that.

Yeah, I just got started blogging with my trip to Thailand but I'm planning on keeping at it. It seems like a good outlet and it's great to meet cool people like yourself.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Oh, on the subject of finishing things we write. The thing about blogging is that I find that writing this way, I do finish things because the fact that things will be read immediately helps me to think and write better. This is like glorified letter writing and I was always good at that. This is a great development in the world. Glad you got to starting your blog.

I am praying for and remembering Jim and Judy as you requested.

Kev said...

That post was profound!

I do the same thing. But I read books the same. I'll start one and never finish and then I'll start another and never finish and probably all my thoughts are compiled of unfinished things. That's scary!

kingdavid said...

There are so many of us that do this just for fun and the relationships.

It's ok to go out somewhere and read about what some mensa-head thinks about the troop surge in Iraq; but it's more fun and enjoyable to pop in to your site and see your family, what's going on in your life, and occasionally get to look at the inner you in one of your essays.

It's hard to be transparent to others when your blogging, but you certainly make the effort.

As far as my blog goes; I didn't know where I was going with it when I started, and just sort of evolved into this schtick of just looking for the nonsense going on in the world, and give friends a taste of the lighter side of life.

Looking forward to seeing you tonight. It's been about 6 months, since my birthday dinner. Ben, Nightwriter, Surly--they'll all be there.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Kingdavid - I didn't read this before seeing you. Wow! I just hope that Kathy, your significant other, doesn't think that this is about me having a crush on you or anything. I think of you as a mentor, a teacher. you have taught me to not take myself seriously. I have learned through your blog how my blog ought to be. I think you are an amazing person, but admire you the way a person admires a teacher.


Kev! I can believe that you have unfinished reading. I know what you mean. I think sometimes we don't need to read everything, we just need the gist of something. You have a creative mind - you probably dive in and grab what you need.