Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Miracle of Healing

I am so excited. I can report a true miracle of healing! I was coming down with the flu, and God intervened and I was healed.

A lady at work got the flu and came to work when she was at the beginning of it, then disappeared for about a week while she was sick. I thought, "oh brother, she was sick, now she spread her germs!" And sure enough, I started to feel the symptoms. I woke up with a sore throat yesterday morning, and I was starting to get dizzy and weak. Last night, I felt too weak to go out and bike like I usually do. And when I start to get the flu and not just a cold, I am in for the duration! It can be bad. And this appeared to be a bad virus!

I resorted to taking Communion using my Communion prayer, in desperation. I was due to go in to work this morning, and I am at the last week of summer school, with an imovie project to finish and a test in just a few days. The timing on getting sick couldn't be worse!

The reason for taking Communion is that this is how we appropriate Christ's work on the cross. Communion is amazing and profound and often something done quickly and without much thought. All the healing and forgiveness and bondage breaking Jesus offered is in Communion.

I have written a prayer or confession to accompany Communion and said this while eating the bread and drinking the juice. I struggled with weak faith, knowing my faith was imperfect and wondered if it would be too imperfect to get me the healing I was seeking. Read Roseuvsharon's post on weak faith.

I took Communion again later in the day, concentrating even more carefully on the words which focus on the redemption by Jesus' blood and that healing takes away the damaging results of sin. I am a captive of sin, but Jesus, in His mercy releases me from its power. I am willing to be separated from all sin. Healing involves being willing to deal with any and all sin.

I went to bed feeling very funny. My head was so dizzy, I almost felt delusional. I had very little faith. I wondered if I was going to wake up feeling truly sick, but I was hoping.

I had some wonderful dreams. I had some fun dreams, like I was in Hollywood and I was getting an extreme cosmetic makeover. I woke up feeling absolutely refreshed and wonderful. My mind was more clear than ever. It was a miracle.

I was two hours ahead of when I needed to be at work. I felt no lethargy or depression, or my usual morning drag, since I am not a morning person. I got up and pranced up to the kitchen to announce to my mom that I was OK. Miracle! God does these things. See my next post for my communion prayer.

You've got to get a hold of the power of Communion! It is profound and it's for you. The reason for doing it alone at home is because then you can say the prayer and concentrate on it slowly, and not just go through some motions quickly as is done so often in churches. The revelation about what communion is and does is just not with us...yet, much. I hope you realize what I am thinking. If I can get healed of the flu, think of what else I can get healed of! (See my post before last.)

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