Friday, October 19, 2007

Body Piercing Killing kids

From a blog called "The Other Cheek"

A little outside the OC's normal jurisdiction is this important story from the United States about a young woman who made the mistake of getting hippy body piercing done.

As a result Stephanie Edington has lost a breast and very nearly lost her life. Too many young people have died from complications of body piercing.

She is just the latest victim of hippy body piercing, and now has to live with her decision for the rest of her life. Experts warn that piercing may cause blood poisoning, serious infections and even HIV. Even upper ear piercing has caused serious and long lasting infections which left victims "cosmetically deformed.

I can believe this is serious enough to cause death. I have pierced ears - one hole in each ear, and here I am maybe 35 years or more after I had them pierced and I still get little infections in my simple two-hole piercings. The lobes will swell up if the holes grow over and then I pierce them again with wearing earrings, or if I wear earrings that aren't 100% sterling, or are a little rusty. Can you imagine the problem if you have numerous piercings?"

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Anonymous said...

I want actual evidence that someone has perished because of a piercing! With the proper care, and knowing when to take out a piercing will avoid many if not all of the complications. The reason you ear continues to do that is simply because you don't understand the science behind it, and are doing it incorrectly. So you are stupid.