Friday, October 12, 2007

God Rocks!

Or how I got a major jolt out of depression...!

I went to the charismatic healing conference at Redeeming Love Church here in the Twin Cities. It's located in Maplewood at 2425 White Bear Ave, right off hiway 36. The speaker was Randy Clark who God used to start the revival in Toronto. I was wallowing in unbelief but his message was good, and a team of prophetic people got up at the end and spoke words of knowledge about people getting healed of certain things. One person called out depression. I felt God touching my brain.

When Randy asked if anyone had been healed of anything and if it was something they'd had a long time, he told them to come forward. I went up and told about the depression and said it had been 30-some years. He, being prophetic, said he had been used to heal someone who had schizophrenia (apparently aware that I was about more than just depression.) I nodded and he laid a gentle hand on my head for healing. He then told me to turn and be used to heal others. A line of people was waiting to be ministered to.

I got to be a minister that night. I prayed for mainly women. They mainly had trouble with depression. Although I've had trouble with more than depression, it was the depression that I was concerned about that night, as it drains and drains.

We focused on the verse in Isaiah that talks about putting on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.

I was so excited about being used to minister to people. The next day, thanks to my mother, I got to go to an inner city outreach to the poor that she has been working at through her church for years to bring sandwiches and serve food and help share a message and some music. After the service a lady who is bi-polar asked for ministry and again I was called on to minister.

Partly because of the hope that all this has given, I am not so depressed as I was, but I also believe God has touched me.

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