Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hallowed Evening?

Michael Medved supposedly is against Halloween celebration because ihe thinks it's evil (good for him) while this writer, a pastor is against thinking of Halloween as evil. As my sister says, it's a holiday for kids to dress up in costumes and go out and get candy door to door - obviously it's got to be something good for kids, right? Jerry Seinfeld does a hoot of a sketch on Halloween telling why kids think it's so great.

My cousin, a doctor, now retired due to heart problems, hates Halloween because of his brushes with the occult and Satanism. He was dating a woman who was married to a fellow doctor who killed himself. It was discovered posthumously that he had been involved in a Satanic cult and had involved their son in it. The son related to her and my cousin (who dated her after her husband's death) the details of the cult's practices. It was clear that it was Satanism. I imagine Halloween was particularly gruesome.

The cult started to go after my cousin just because of his involvement with the woman and her son. It was a bizarre chapter in his life. People don't really believe his story, but I do.

I see my cousin's point, why he hates Halloween.

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