Saturday, October 6, 2007

Update On My Company

Thanks for the prayers. Someone is praying because since that post some amazing things have happened where I work. All of a sudden the company got rid of some unproductive workers and up and hired some young folks from a bible school connected to the church my parents go to. Even though it's sort of a dry, Lutheran sect, these young ones are really about renewal and are very refreshing, and bring conversations about their faith, plus original music that they play on the CD player that is about their faith in Jesus. They certainly offer encouragement.

This has helped to believe that God is offering His mercy and help to the company as well, and to believe for improvement all around to the way business is done. Even though certain business practices remain the same, this has helped.

The company was moved to a new location as well, as their old location was bought out by another company that needed the entire block. The other company paid for their new location and all renovations. This also is a sign of God's mercy.

With the new offices and new employees, the atmosphere is much better.

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