Friday, November 2, 2007

10-20-30 Meme; tagged by Kingdavid at The Far Wright

10 years ago: I was hot, on fire for Christ. I was listening to a Promise Keepers album over and over and loving it. I was dancing furiously, passionately to Joyful Joyful on the Sister Act II soundtrack, the one the choir won the award for. I was dancing to other worship music in my home, loving Jesus passionately. I started working with youth at Park Avenue United Methodist church in South Minneapolis. I was regularly visiting the church in Toronto from which the title The Toronto Blessing comes. At the same time I was getting snared in a foolish relationship with a man twenty years my junior - my downfall.

I lived in a studio apartment with three cats and was about to move into a whole house with my darlings - a wonderful prospect!

20 years ago: I was moving back to Minneapolis after seven years of adventure. I had been living on the East and West Coast as a sort of gypsy and was finally returning home. I started my own cleaning business and returned to college. I met the man of my dreams. He was 11 years younger and lived in a fraternity. I was on cloud nine. Unfortunately, I had sort of left God out of the picture, or on the sidelines. That may be why the man didn't stay in my life, but my relationship with God eventually did get much better.

30 years ago: I just landed in Los Angeles to live and lived there for the next four years. It was a wild period of my life. That year I met a Jewish man who befriended me and helped me find a community in the community that he had. He also became my boyfriend. I started a job in a Real Estate school and found a small apartment. I had two brothers living out there already, so I also had family there. I began to sing and play guitar on open stages and for friends. I had become born again and spirit filled prior to this, for a brief period, but was already drifting because some horrible experiences caused me to doubt God's goodness.

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Bill Graver said...

Uh. Am I supposed to say something???

Gabrielle Eden said...

No, you can go and do the 10, 20, 30, or you can just ignore it if you prefer! He he!

Lea said...

OK I'll play.

10 years ago: I was hoping, hoping, hoping I'd get tenure. My dad had died a year earlier. I was living in the Great Lakes region and my husband was living in Texas. I had 2 cats and was renting an apartment.

20 years ago: I was in grad school. I was in a relationship with a rather strange guy -- a good person, but laboring under some very misleading illusions (as was I). I was best friends with the man who I'd later marry.

30 years ago: I was in high school and couldn't wait to get out.

Lea said...

Forgot to say that God was not on my radar screen in any of those phases of my life.

Also wanted to say I enjoyed hearing about places you've lived, Gabrielle. It's fun to look back, but sometimes I spend too much time thinking about the past... and the future!

Bill Graver said...


Thirty years ago I was 8 and my little sister had just been born. I also got baptized when I was 8 and was very zealous for the Lord. I used to regularly tell my friends from the neighborhood about the Lord.

Twenty years ago I had recently joined the Army and was stationed at Ft. Campbell, KY. Unfortunately, I had drifted away from the Lord during my teen years so I pretty much went crazy partying all the time once I joined the Army. Little did I know that within the next year, my high school sweetheart would break up with me and I would be crushed.

Ten years ago I was living in Detroit and in complete rebellion against the Lord. I had just met the woman who would later become my wife.

Ugh! I like the last five years much more than the previous 20 :-)

Gabrielle Eden said...

It's very very interesting. Hard, isn't it, to delve into the past? But for me, it was good to be reminded of that passionate time with the Lord. Lea, I know that you have had a recent turn-around with God.

Yes, I actually I think too much about the future and actually deny the past. As I said, it was good for me to be reminded of it.

Guitarman said...

What kind of guitar do have? had? I have a Guild which wasn't a part of my life even 10 years ago! I guess KD tagged me to so off I go to do mine!