Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bella - 2006

"True Love Goes Beyond Romance" says the movie site. An amazing movie! I just heard the story about Eduardo Verastegui, the actor who plays the main character. He was a soap opera star in Mexico. He is an absolutely gorgeous man. He came to America to learn to speak English and change his career and became a Christian. He then wanted to do something that would be glorifying to God and found this movie.

The basic story line is that it's about a man who meets a woman who has become pregnant and convinces her to not have an abortion. It was being promoted by the Minnesotans Concerned For Life because of its pro-life message but it is neither a platform for pro-life nor an actual "Christian" movie. It is simply a life-affirming, values-affirming film that is so refreshing, it is like having fresh air that has cool water mixed with it coming over your face after being in horribly hot weather.

It is so unpredictable and so original! The actors are natural and pure. The relationship is pure and without the usual grunge. For once man and woman don't have to take the usual turns! I'm trying not to spoil it. Go see it.

The only problem I had with it is my cynicism: seeing a man look like the most wonderful Jesus, imbued with the character of a heart like Jesus - as someone a woman finds while she is living in a huge city on the coast and finds herself pregnant by a man who is out of the picture. He cares so much he seems too good to be true.

I mean, I was in the same situation and it didn't happen to me just like that. How do I turn my heart around to rejoice for these people, when I was living in Los Angeles and got pregnant by an irresponsible singer for a top 40 band and also felt that I could not take care of the child? I had no Jesus-like man to sit on the beach with to hold me. But alas, I did have Jesus, and he did take care of me, ultimately. I came pretty close. Read good review here.

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