Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mother Theresa's Real Passion

"The work we do is nothing more than a means of transforming our love for Christ into something concrete. I didn't have to find Jesus. Jesus found me and chose me. A strong vocation is based on being possessed by Christ. He is the life that I want to live. He is the light that I want to radiate. He is the love with which I want to love. He is the joy that I want to share. He is the peace that I want to sow. Jesus is everything to me. Without Him, I can do nothing."

I found this quote in Guy Chevreau's book Turnings and I'm glad I did, because it shows me something of the passion that Mother Theresa did have for Christ, reminding me that of course she didn't do all that she did without a real love and passion for Him. I don't know what was found in those letters that have been recently talked about (that I posted about,) but maybe she just went through a bad period and not much weight should be put on them.

She also said about the West: "I think that the work of the Church in this developed and rich Western Hemisphere is more difficult than in Calcutta, where the needs of the people are reduced to a dish of rice to curb their hunger - something that will show them that someone loves them. In the West the problems that people have go much deeper; the problems are in the depths of their hearts."

Yes, Lord. Please answer the needs of the West, which come down to the need to know your unconditional love and grace. Revival Lord, please bring revival to our land!

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