Friday, November 9, 2007

Rent A Womb?

Poor women in India are renting their wombs to women in the West who can't have children or who just don't want to put their careers on hold! So incredible it's funny! On top of everything else being outsourced in India, now it's wombs!

This leads me to think of the predicament of the woman who can't have a child, and the desperation, and asking, "why is this so important that you would go to this kind of trouble and expense, and put an underprivileged woman through this?"

And ultimately, the woman whose baby it is cannot nurture it in the womb, or have a guarantee of getting it back from this Indian woman! Ridiculous! Why have the child in the first place? Worse yet, if it is a case of being inconvenienced by having a baby in the womb for nine months, how much more ridiculous!

Then, after having the child, the Western parents can outsource the childcare as well. See this post.

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