Saturday, November 3, 2007

Turnings by Guy Chevreau

Guy Chevreau: an author who has written about the "Toronto Blessing" and has put it into some sort of theological and historical context, writes this book on the Western World and its "poverty" spiritually. Order here.

He asks the question that was asked Jesus: "can the rich man enter the kingdom of heaven?" Chevreau talks about how our material wealth has kept us from many spiritual blessings.

Here is Chevreau's synopsis:"Heidi and Rolland Baker are two of my dearest friends, and it has been a great privilege to serve their network of over 5,000 churches in southern Africa. As I have witnessed many miraculous healings and the phenomenal church growth, the Spirit has called forth a most unsettling question deep in my spirit: 'Why so much there, and so little here?' "Turnings" grows out of a disturbing discovery: the Kingdom belongs to the children; the poor possess the Kingdom; those working for righteousness inherit the Kingdom, and the rich have to try to enter, if they can." - Guy Chevreau.

This book actually at times would strike that match and start that fire in me again - that fire that burned within me as I made my pilgrimage to Toronto over and over.

This book includes wonderful stories about what God is doing in third world countries, such as raise people from the dead.