Friday, December 28, 2007

The God Of Sex, by Peter Jones

"How Spirituality Defines Your Sexuality"
I just picked this book up. That's the last time I write a "review" before I finish a book. He writes about all this negative stuff that is happening in our culture - all the bad sex, and the declining values, but he doesn't stop to tell about the work of the Holy Spirit in the world. There is no balance. He goes on and on about the negative. I am getting exhausted. I started this review without having finished the book, and I can hardly even finish the book.

It's a Christian father of seven, writing about how sexuality in today's Western culture is turning towards becoming pagan. This is scary. We need revival in a big way. It is not a comfortable book. It's disturbing reading about what is happening to our young people, particularly on college campuses today. But it's essential not to have blinders on, in order to know how to pray and how to respond. I was attracted to the book because he is saying that sexuality is turning pagan. I agree with that.

The thing is, we have been turning pagan since 1969, and Woodstock. What happened there was terribly pagan, as bad as anything happening today. We've been on a continuum since then of the same pagan thought and actions, and we've also had some Christian revival happening along with it, side by side. We are also seeing black and white more and more - more hostility towards Christianity (which is brought out in the book) and we are headed towards persecution.

I'm going to try to return to the book and finish it, but it's going to take some work. Order it here

Update: Feb 7, 2008
I finally finished the book and I'm glad I did. The first 2/5 of the book was spent on telling all the negative things going on in the Western culture as far as sexuality. It got heavy, and he has in intellectual style hard to read. Finally by the middle fifth of the book, he gave a biblical definition of sex that was good. He explains that the Bible clearly shows that male and female are so basic in God's creation that it is undeniable. He then goes on to show that homosexuality is simply evil, denying the basic concept of male and female, which are so important in God's creation that they will follow us into the resurrection.

He shows that homosexuality has a religious belief as its foundation - a belief in multiple gods instead of God.

At last he goes on to tell how even though sex as we know it was designed for procreation, and there will be no more need for that in the resurrection, God has in mind for us new pleasures of a sexual nature as the bride of Christ. Wow! Buying the book paid off!

It's all too wonderful, and certainly means we must all want to be there at any cost, right? It's a good evangelistic tool at this point. Heaven does include sex, just not the kind of sex we know now.

Even though sex as we know it will not exist, Peter Jones believes that we will be male and female, as we are now. When you think about it, Jesus was a man after he resurrected. He wasn't androgynous. Peter is pointing out how important the distinctions of male and female are to God.

I respect Jones for the courage to write this book, knowing the opposition to stating that homosexuality and androgyny are evil.


Livingsword said...

Hi Gabrielle;

Very interesting, it can be a real challenge to make it through a book of such entanglements…does he say anything about how the Church has made a mess of things in how it used to represent sex? It seems today a lot of Churches are being more Biblical in their approach to sex, a turning down on the volume of “sex is bad” and more of sex as it is designed by God to be…

Most stats say the situation within the Church or perhaps it should be church (small “c”) in regards to sex is extremely similar to that of the World….

One of the things I find interesting is how on my series on Survivor China I am getting hundreds of hits from Muslim countries looking for nude images of the contestants….obviously religion is not the answer…a life transformed by a personal relationship with Jesus is supposed to be different….it seems we live in Corinth and Romans 1….

Happy New Year!

Gabrielle Eden said...


He doesn't talk about the church much at all. He just talks about the bad stuff going on on the college campuses and he talks about feminists and their anti-God agenda, and it's from a Christian viewpoint because he's calling it evil.

You're right, the Church has so failed in this area. Christians who are doing OK, who have marriage and children, don't want to talk about the problems others are having.

Christians just get embarrassed. But the Church has so improved. And yes, Christians have been struggling royally in this area, and some churches have become not so biblical (liberal) about it.

You're just the person, as this book made me think of you, and asking the question - "how can we reach all those young people entangled by sexual sin?" I'm not involved with young people right now, yet know I have a treasure of wisdom in this area, as God has given me a victory, as he has you, in this area.

Livingsword said...

Hi Gabrielle…

I can tell you that self help techniques; and “thou shalt nots” are not the way to go…

Rules and religion tempt people to walk or bend the boundaries, the best they can be is tutors or sticks to point us or herd us towards Jesus and grace…The worst they can be is things that obscure the signs or sticks…Rules and religion can seem to be the desired outcome….

Life transformation by God on the other hand is of unequalled power…Young people do not want cliché answers or churchianity but they will respond to hard core Jesus-Bible challenges presented in a relationship format, this also appeals to post-modern persons…

Short answer to an enormously complex issue…LOL

Gabrielle Eden said...

Thanks so much Livingsword - you're right-it would take volumes to write about.