Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Kingdavid Style Story

A woman stabbed her husband for opening his Christmas present early! Kingdavid seems good at finding stories about domestic abuse where the woman is attacking a man. That's why this one caught my interest.


Anonymous said...

What, I don't remember posting these kind of stories. I admit, a women ripping a guys testicles out of his scrotum was newsworthy enough for me to follow; but that wasn't her husband.

Squirrels, AKJ events, lunatic liberals, "con" artists; I just can't remember doing multiple stories on women attacking their husbands. Of course my mind ain't as sharp as when I was 20.


Gabrielle Eden said...

Sorry, I wasn't being totally accurate. It's me not being so sharp. Let me change that.

Gabrielle Eden said...

It seems you've had more than one story about a woman attacking a man. But maybe I'm the one who's not remembering.

David said...

Blessings to you, sister.

Anonymous said...

By golly, I have done some posts on wive's going after their husbands--one was a 47 year old attacking her 86 year old husband with a fork; one was John Daly getting knifed by his wife. There was another story about a disabled guy getting locked in the car while his wife went in to gamble.

You're absolutely right though, this is my kind of story, thanks for finding it.

When you have a couple named Misty and Shawn Fay, you can probably expect something like this---I can picture the mullets now.

Have a great time with your loved ones. We're soon off for the trek down to Apple Valley.


Bill Graver said...

Sounds like somebody had a wee bit too much eggnog.

Gabrielle Eden said...

I thought I was right! Seems funny that a woman could get the upper hand like that! Wonder what the radical Muslims think of that!