Sunday, December 9, 2007

Someone Stole My American Flag!

I had a sticker on the back of my car, and I went to a church on the University of Minnesota campus today. Apparently, some liberal mind who didn't like my sticker tore part of the flag off my car, forcing me to tear the rest of it off.

Can't believe I'm not supposed to express love for my country - non-partisan love for the country we live in, especially after 9/11! Unbelievable!

Now, America has made mistakes in relation to the world. America's people are full of imperfections. But on the other hand, we are still wonderful. We have done and continue to do wonderful things for people all over the world.

I love my country, and am ultimately proud more than ashamed of my country. There is nothing wrong with that.


kingdavid said...

Posting on Kutless, then moving on to a post about Gutless. That's the open-minded, tolerant thinking we've come to expect on America's campuses.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Isn't it just unbelievable?! Now I don't know where to get a new sticker, and it's so cold I don't know if a new one will stick.