Friday, December 7, 2007

The UK And The Holocaust

Someone has come on my blog and commented, not very nicely, however, he did email me later and aside from telling me why he and everyone in the world hates Americans, made an attempt at being nicer, and left me with some links. Here is one of the links. He is claiming that the email sent to me is incorrect, that the UK did not take the teaching of the Holocaust off its schools curriculum in general, and that they continue to teach on it.

What is true in the matter remains to be seen. All I know is what has been coming out about all the pressure from Muslims in the UK to conform to their wishes, and the desire of the English to bend to it. Just the fact that my visitor from the UK was mostly worried about my post offending Muslims says a lot. If what my post says is true, it doesn't matter what Muslims think about it.

If it is true, I want to know why Muslims would be offended by remembering the Holocaust, or by thinking there was a Holocaust.

If it isn't true, then where did this e-mail sent by my sister who lives in Germany originate? I trust my sister and her integrity.

I hope my "friend" from the UK will find peace in his soul.


kingdavid said...

Another case of the liberal, twisted mindset that thinks they themselves are guardians of some enchanted quality called "tolerance," when they are in fact the most intolerant, censoring and close-minded people on the planet.

We don't have to be tolerant of anything, and particularly those things from cultures that are spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physical dangerous to our well being and that of our families.

So what, the world hates Americans. The rest of the world is basically a cesspool of their own making, brought about by their own worldviews. If the US did get their noses out of every other countrys' business; they wouldn't change for the better, they'd just turn into far bigger cesspools, and even Western countries are following that path, the UK being right at the forefront.

No matter what anyone thinks about the US, and our government has certainly made some bad choices and decisions in international politics; the motivation and heart of the American people has still been for the betterment and uplifting of peoples of any and all ethnic groups as a whole.

Gabrielle Eden said...

True, a liberal, to say the very least. He used this issue to vent his hatred towards Americans.

There's so much hatred and negativity towards America now, I just can't believe it.

Someone at the university of Minnesota just tore my American flag sticker off my car.

Those darned liberals!