Saturday, January 26, 2008

..and a pink toe tarantula....!?

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me: 68 dogs, 26 hissing cockroaches, 16 rabbits, 15 guinea pigs, 13 gerbils, 7 doves, 2 dwarf hamsters, 2 hedgehogs, 2 bearded dragons, an opossum, and a pink toe tarantula!

What kind of sick, animal-obsessed freakos are these people, found in Texas with a house full of these animals, not even taking care of them?


Lea said...

There is more than one type of animal hoarder, as animal hoarding behaviors have a variety of causes and characteristics. Some simply can't say "no" when someone brings them a stray cat or a cat they can no longer keep. Or they may be animal rescuers. Initially they provide adequate care, but things can rapidly spiral out of control. Loss of income or illness can bring about a situation where the person can no longer give adequate care.

I was a hospice volunteer for a couple of years and had a patient who, before I met her, had something like 30 or more cats. She had a heart of gold, and although she never talked much about her cats, I'm sure she loved them. Her sister could also have been considered a hoarder, as at one time had over 100 cats and dogs (she lived on a farm, so it was more manageable). This sister was also an incredibly giving person -- even though she had serious health problems herself, she took care of her sister until she passed away.

There are some hoarders who are sociopaths, but I think that's more rare.

I'm certainly not saying animal hoarding is OK; it's a serious problem, and probably more common than we think. There is probably a mental health issue going on with many hoarders. I hope society deals with this problem in a way that the animals and the people get the help they need.

Gabrielle Eden said...

This type of behavior is disturbing mainly because of the animal abuse that results. This story struck me as funny because it sort of rhymed like the song the 12 days of Christmas, although it is ultimately very sad.

Sounds like you have some insight into the psychology behind this situation.