Saturday, January 12, 2008

Two Dreams

The first one was about me being taken away by two cops (there are two cops, coincidentally, sitting at the coffee shop as I write.) It goes back to experiences I've had being manic, in the throes of manic-depressive illness, and being apprehended by cops. I heard about an old man who became confused and the police took him into the station, and kept him there until his sister came to get him. It reminded me of times when I've been taken by cops to the station and then to the hospital. It's a horrible, humiliating experience.

In my dream, I'm being apprehended again for some reason, only this time, two cops transport me to a hotel that is like a place in Greece or Rome, you know, where balconies of dignitaries would look out over great sports events and things like that. In this case, the cops were placing me as a spectator on a grand balcony overlooking a spectacular display of exotic animals doing races.

I knew I had been transported to heaven. Everything was in such enhanced color and the outline was more clearly defined than in real life. I knew it was heaven, and it was partly because of reading Don Piper's book and asking the question, "are there truly animals in heaven?" It was also like God telling me not to fear ever going through one of those humliating experiences again.

The second dream was about me talking to a man who must have been a type of my teacher I just had at school, with whom I had a good rapport. He told me that there is someone that the little fairy-like creatures hide from because that person has great innocence. The fairies are evil, as they don't like innocence. The fairies are like little people with long, black hair and red sparkling dust that falls from their heads.

As I enter the space that the fairies are in, they hide from me! I was the innocent one that they would hide from. Then I understood why it is I never see the fairies. It's because they are always hiding from me. Wow! I woke from that dream and thought how weird that I would be thought of as innocent, but the Lord must see me as innocent in His eyes, because my sins are forgiven. And the fairies are the evildoers that I never see because they hide from me.


Uncle Ben said...

I love being able to remember dreams, but it rarely happens. Especially with such detail as you had in yours. It sounds very much like you are accepting God's grace with faith. It doesn't get any better than that.

Gabrielle Eden said...

I've been having trouble with sleep again, as before I wrote "A Miracle Of Sleep" but it's inconsistent, and often when I wake in the middle of the night, it's after a dream, so it seems I'm meant to remember a dream.

Last night I dreamed I was being made queen of England. God is good.