Thursday, February 28, 2008

Beth Moore

I've been involved in a Bible study at my parents' church for a while now. It's for women and they use Beth Moore's material. I have a hard time with women like her at times. You know how some people are "caffeinated?" That's the way someone described her and it fits. Women can sometimes be all manicky and get too busy and detail oriented, missing the 'meat' of something.

But ultimately, I've enjoyed her studies. We just completed her study of Daniel and then her study on Believing God. I haven't followed along in the workbook, but just go to the meetings with the women and watch her DVDs.

Today she talked about how God finally comes through for us to do something great for us and blows our minds and gives us a 'high' like no other. I know what she means. She says we should praise God in advance, while we're in a dark time, a valley, for the awesome things He has ahead for us. I was really enjoying the study today!

My New Passion

A way I attempt to keep my body in shape, a way to get good cardio-vascular(working the arms is the best), to work up a sweat even in winter, and best of all - a way to embrace snow:


And by the way, it's official here in Minnesota - there ain't no global warming!

A Poster For Teens

A Catholic Priest's Speech

A catholic priest had served in the same parish for 25 years, and it was now the day to celebrate this anniversary. The whole parish and many other community members of this small town had gathered for the occasion, and the priest began with a speech:

"Beloved parish and community members, I find it sometimes difficult making a speech of this sort. There are many stories I could tell of my 25 years here, but as you know, I am bound by my oath to secrecy regarding confessions. But let me put it this way:
"When I first arrived here 25 years ago, I wondered what I was getting into. You see, the very first person who came to me for confession told me that he was, although married, having an affair with his sister-in-law and his cousin as well, had cheated on his income tax and had just stolen a not-trivial sum of money from his boss.
"As I learned in the years to follow, however, this parish isn't as bad as I first thought it might be! It turned out that this was the exception to the rule."

After about twenty minutes, he was just finishing his speech, when the mayor suddenly showed up. In a somewhat hectic state, he approached the podium. The priest greeted him and stepped down.
The mayor first apologized for being late, then he began his speech:
"Dear parish and community members, I can remember well when our priest first came here 25-years ago. In fact, I had the honor of being the first one to come to him for confession......"

The moral of the story: Punctuality is always better!!! ;-)

You Think You've Got It Bad...

Read here about a company in China with atrocious conditions and some child labor. When looking for the culprits in America who are commissioning this labor and buying their products, it will lead you once again to WALMART, but sadly, TARGET is also mentioned.

I don't know how I can stand to buy products from these big companies anymore. It makes me sick! The problem is that we only have a few choices for making our purchases, and we're stuck with what's within a reasonable distance from where we live. We only have Target and Walmart for a lot of our needs. At least Target isn't as guilty as Walmart with the evil labor they employ for their low prices.

And I don't know about you, but it is difficult for me to think about dirty labor practices every time I make a purchase. That's kind of new for me.

After you read the above article(s), get down on your knees and just thank God with your whole heart for your job! I don't care what you do in America for a living, you oughta be thanking God!

And we need to be praying about this whole ugly situation.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Jews

My thoughts are leaning towards the Jews right now, especially those in America with the upcoming elections, and those in Israel with the question of our allegiance with a new president. The poison of Islam seems to be creeping in with people accepting it by accepting Obama despite his involvement with it.

What does this mean for the Jews? Oh God, I pray. Give them peace. Give them safety. I pray for "the peace of Jerusalem."

Here is a frightening article on the Muslims' plan against the Jews, from Sharon Hughes' blog.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

(Dumb) Blonde Joke








Monday, February 18, 2008

Barack HUSSEIN Obama

My nephew and niece were saying that the lesser of evils between Hillary Clinton and Obama would be Obama. I knew this wasn't true but at the family table where voices
get above mine, I wasn't able to collect my thoughts and say why. I've gone to the web to collect some material on Obama.

I think I can say what is absolutely scary about him.

First of all, my niece, who is now a lawyer and is very confident, far more than I am, said that it would be better to have an unknown (Obama) than a known evil (Clinton.) Unfortunately, we know enough about Obama to be afraid, because it is the tip of an iceberg. See Barack Hussein Obama - Who Is He?

Obama is very concerned with race. He will promote concern over race as opposed to getting beyond it - what black people need to do and want to do. Obama goes to a church that is not one of the black churches that promotes love and integration.

His church awarded Louis Farrakhan, the man who is behind the Nation of Islam, with the award of epitomizing greatness. Although Obama says he doesn't agree with Farrakhan's anti-Semitic beliefs, you have to wonder why he has an association with him, as we have been hearing about. How can Americans be so stupid? When we are in the middle of the threat of terrorism, Americans would make a man president who may have the secret agenda of promoting Islam?

Obama has a fatherless childhood as does Farrakhan. He is a wounded man with something to prove.

And what about the economy? A liberal will spend us to death. How can Americans dare to put a liberal in power when the economy is in this state?

NO ONE LEARNS FROM HISTORY! When there is pain, as from the economy, change sounds good. People want change at any cost. Any kind of change will do. But it will be 'out of the frying pan and into the fire!' Hitler came into power this way. The Germans were weakened by their poor economy and were looking for change.

I can also say that I just have a bad feeling about Obama, and that gut feeling is usually pretty accurate.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Liz from England

my nephew's girlfriend, said she hadn't heard about the ban against teaching the Holocaust in England. She said she was aware that there was pandering to Muslims in the public schools, but she just wasn't aware of the Holocaust teaching being one of the areas. I went looking on the web and found these articles on the topic:

The first one says:
Schools are dropping the Holocaust from history lessons to avoid offending Muslim pupils, a Government backed study has revealed.

It found some teachers are reluctant to cover the atrocity for fear of upsetting students whose beliefs include Holocaust denial.

The second one says:
E-mails are circulating, falsely claiming the UK has banned schools from teaching pupils about the Holocaust.

The third one says:
Some schools avoid teaching the Holocaust and other controversial history subjects as they do not want to cause offence, research has claimed.

So there you have it. It's not as radical as the e-mail I posted earlier claimed, which stated the the UK had banned teaching of the Holocaust from all its schools. It's some schools, and some teachers who are avoiding the subject.

My apologies to the English man who hated me for posting this e-mail.

Friday, February 15, 2008

The heart is deceitful above all else...

and desperately corrupt, it says in Jeremiah. And many of us have said, "Amen," thinking of our own hearts.

How hard it is to face one's own heart, one's own sin as a Christian. The Holy Spirit in us makes our sin that much uglier and thus, that much harder to face.

But what many of us miss is the reality that God's plan for the creation of man was to use sin to show man's utter depravity without God, and his utter helplessness apart from Christ to be righteous.

We are completely and utterly dependent on Christ for righteousness.

In recently going through another time of trying to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit to show me anything in me that is sinful or displeasing to God, and then being overwhelmed by what I see, and then realizing that I am coming under the condemnation of Satan, I come back again to this:

I realize that what I rely on in my life is always looking for Jesus in me. I look for the Holy Spirit at work in my heart.

As a believer, you ought not count on the deceitfulness of the heart to rule in your life. You shouldn't expect sin to dominate your heart. This can cause you to be weighed down by condemnation and a cycle of sin. Bad words that have been spoken over us can keep us in a cycle of condemnation, and patterns of wrong behavior. Simply hearing grace-filled words about the reality of Christ's work in your life can lift you out of that cycle.

The passage in Jeremiah about the deceitfulness of the heart is talking more about the heart that has not met Christ. Every Christian, though he/she has encountered deceitfulness in his/her heart should be able to say emphatically that in spite of deceitfulness in his/her heart, the heart has also continually and constantly led him/her towards Christ.

Today I called a sweet woman of God to share my struggle with seeing ugliness in my heart. She simply reminded me of the danger of falling into condemnation. She basically spoke positive, grace-filled words over my life that come from the word of God.

Don't be discouraged by what you perceive to be wrong with your life.

He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion until the day of Christ Jesus, Phil 1:6. He will do the work. It is His work!

And we have to get used to the fact that the flesh is with us every day, like a crusty shell that we have to live with. It doesn't have to rule us, but we shouldn't be surprised that it's there. We turn it out daily. We crucify it daily. It won't go away. Tomorrow it's still going to be there!

Brother Yun

OK, Ben. At your request. In my simple way, since I don't remember details, just the "gist" of things, here is the story I heard last night of the underground Chinese leader.

Brother Yun is a man who was brought up under communist rule in China, but who heard an audible voice at the age of 17 tell him to preach the gospel. It was so real he thought it was one of his parents calling him.

He took God seriously (knowing it would lead to persecution) and began preaching in towns and provinces throughout China. He would go to the center of town and begin to call people to be healed, just like Jesus. People did get healed. He shared with them how his father had been healed of cancer, and they believed him and were healed.

He said people were so needy, that they listened. They asked him if their animals could be healed. They brought him their animals and they were healed too - pigs and chickens, etc.

The authorities were getting wind of this. He was a wanted man. He eventually was wanted in every province in China. Eventually, he was imprisoned. In prison, he was tortured. They rammed something acidic under his finger nails. They were trying to get him to answer questions that in answering would mean he was renouncing his faith. He refused. His feet had been damaged. He was dying in prison. He asked the Lord to take him, but God gave him a vision of being in front of a large group of people sharing his faith. The Lord told him that He was opening a door that no man would be able to shut.

People tried to get him out of prison. A business man came with a million dollars to buy his way out of prison. No one dared to take the money, he said. He said that the Clinton administration at the time tried to do something to release him. It didn't work.

He said, "don't trust in money, or authority. They are real, but they are not truth. Only the power of Jesus Christ was able to release me." (paraphrased)

He then shared that basically, the doors of the prison opened, just as in the story of the early church. The doors were supernaturally opened and he walked out.

Brother Yun spoke in Chinese and was interpreted by a Dutch man who travels with him.

An offering plate was passed, but another man who works with Yun explained that this was not a fund-raiser and that no one should feel obligated to give. I felt so inspired to give.

The worship before he came to speak was soooooo good, I was crying. It was in this atmosphere that I could truly appreciate our freedom to worship.

Here I am to worship
Here I am to bow down
Here I am to say that you're my God

If you want Brother Yun's testimony in writing (and you want to ride over the imperfections of my memory) you can get his book here.

Today, Brother Yun's vision is to reach the un-reached people of the region of the world between China and Jerusalem, and his ministry is called "Back to Jerusalem."

They reported last night that 30,000 people a day, and 1 million people per month are coming to Jesus Christ in China. Oh, I love China. Think of how opposite China is to America! People in China are running to Jesus. People in America are running away from Jesus!

Sorry, Sean Penn

I just talked to my brother and he reminded me of Penn being in the movie "Dead Man Walking." That was a good flick, and his was, as I recall, a stellar performance! He was also in "Mystic River" which I guess was good. I had forgotten about Dead Man. I initially criticized him in my post about "Into The Wild." Somehow I got a bad stereotype about Penn from some violent and not so appealing movies he starred in. Do you think he forgives me?

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I never knew til this February 14th about the real origin of Valentine's day. Once again, Christians were trying to replace a pagan holiday with a Christian one. But Saint Valentine truly was a saint!

Voice of the Martyrs wrote about Saint Valentine in their monthly magazine for February. February 14th , the day we exchange valentines, is the day in 269AD when "Valentine," or Valentinus, was executed. Valentinus conducted secret marriage ceremonies for believers when the Roman emperor, known as Claudius the Cruel, forbade marriages.

Valentinus was a true romantic. He knew our conversion to the Kingdom of God (a type of marriage) lasts forever. He risked his life for this kingdom. It is not an accident that the words bride and bridegroom are used by Jesus in an eternal, spiritual context.

Before Valentinus was executed by the Roman authorities, he boldly presented Jesus as the Son of God to the emperor. Valentinus was an underground Christian leader who was not afraid to bring his faith above ground, knowing it was the right time.

Underground Christian marriages similar to those conducted by Valentinus continue today.

It never occurred to me, did it you? Christians in unsafe places in the world have to risk life and limb to marry another Christian, to marry the person of their choice! Many times they lose their property and their kids lose the right to education, but they do it anyway! Amazing Christians!

In honor of the true meaning of Valentine's day, I'm off to see Brother Yun - underground Chinese church leader who is speaking at a church here tonight! This is the kind of Valentine's day evening I really want to have!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Prayer for the suffering

There are a couple of ministries that I am following that tell of terrible poverty and suffering in the world. One is Iris ministries which ministers to people in Mozambique, Africa. The other is Most High Ministries, headed by my own blogger friend Scott Bonnell. He is ministering to people in Haiti.

In Mozambique they have terrible flooding and are devastated by lack of food and shelter. In Haiti they are also devastated by lack of food.

I feel overwhelmed by these needs but pray for these people today and for more provision and ministry to the people of these areas. I pray for the success of the gospel for these people, knowing that their hearts are open in ways that they aren't open in the West, and it is good.

Prayer for the persecuted church

I have been getting publications by Voice of the Martyrs for some time now. They tell these awesome stories about Christians who put their lives, and everything on the line for sharing their faith with others, living in countries where they have to pay the highest price for living out their faith. I wish that there was a site that told the stories in the way the magazine does. I recommend this magazine. It puts things in perspective in terms of whether or not we are sharing our faith when and where we can, and in terms of appreciating the freedoms we have.

Eden Original Greeting Cards

There are some greeting cards I designed last year around this time for this very special upcoming holiday. OK, so maybe some of them reflect a bit of sardonic wit. But maybe you can use them. Each is designed to be sent to someone individually (as a joke).

Sometimes you just need a friend to be there for you...
Do you think I could ever forget you on this momentous occasion?...
I'm asking the one question that every single girl dreams about...
To my one true love..
To the one person i consider to be my soul mate!
Don't be sad because it's over...
As we mature, we tend to care less about what others think of us..

(notice on one of these cards, Ben-Hammerswing 75, is talking about finding a mate, and here a year later he's courting Mall Diva looking towards marriage!)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I saw "Into The Wild!"

And I loved it! For those of you who worry about "R" movies like I do (what licenses they will take, etc) this movie is awesome! There is only a little nudity and a little bad language - almost nothing that merits an "R" rating.

It was the book and the director that made me worry about the movie. The writer, Krakauer, gets into neurotic minds in a way that irks me. He writes about people who go over the edge, as in "Into Thin air" and makes it entertainment, almost. I was getting bogged down a third of the way through the book by the reality of Chris McCandless' foolishness.

Sean Penn: I had only remembered him in violent movies, and had forgotten his performance in "Dead Man Walking." I'm sure there are other works he's done I've forgotten too, but I stereotyped him based on some movies I didn't like, and didn't expect much from him as the writer/director of this film. Did he surprise me? In a wonderful way!

He made references to God that were totally unexpected. He took the edge off the neurotic reality of McCandless and made a character study of someone really sweet - not that McCandless wasn't a sweet person in reality, but the movie elevated him. The movie was lighter - a joy and at the same time, thought provoking.

This confirms my faith in movies. It reminds me of why I love movies more than books.
The movie just takes some of the gems that were spoken by key characters in the book and highlights those.

Of course - a guy goes and travels around the country and meets people. There's a great adventure story there to tell! He is a pretty nice person to the people he meets. There's a decent character study to be made there!

Watching the movie, I was reminded of the fact that the kind of adventure that McCandless went on was one only a man could take - and even for a man it was altogether dangerous - the hitchhiking, the hanging out with the homeless. It also reminded me that men can be such stark lone wolves! Only a man could go into the wilderness like that alone.

I don't want to spoil the movie. You must see it! Lea you were right!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Continued Victory Over Sexual Sin

In Win Over Sin, I shared how I got an eventual victory over sexual sin, which could be applied to any besetting sin, but I haven't shared how I have maintained that victory.

First of all, I have to admit that the hormones aren't as strong because of hormonal changes due to "change of life." However, men hold the same fascination and appeal, and I know that I would be foolish to think that I am above or beyond being capable of sexual sin. This is the first way to victory - being ever cognizant of one's weakness, looking for pitfalls.

Of course, being aware of one's weakness would be meaningless if you weren't dead set against falling again. I am always convinced that what I want is holiness and to never again feel the effects of sexual sin on my psyche and emotions - the separation from God, and the humiliation as someone takes something from me without giving the love that is meant to be given.

I want a holy union - to be in the kind of relationship that God intended for me before the foundation of the world, when he designed male and female and chose to make me female. I want God's choice for me - the man He approves, and no "familiarity" with anyone else.

I am in the Word of God every night and every morning. I have Bible verses to confess out loud. I have collected verses for each area - healing, finances, fear, etc., to say out loud when needed, when facing a crises in that area. This would apply when facing temptation in the sexual area. I also have the communion prayer and communion to take when needed.

I am in fellowship with Christians and live with Christian parents. I have accountability. I have people to go to for counsel. I have a woman's bible study, I have a prayer partner, I have a healing center to go to. I have more than one church to attend, and church conferences to attend.

These are all the things I can think of for now. I don't go to parties and drink, things like that. I don't see movies or watch TV that talk about wrong sexuality. I keep my mind on pure things, reading pure books and magazines, watching healthy movies and staying on pure things on the internet.

And when I pray, I don't just pray, I pray in the spirit, in tongues.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I've always depended on the kindness of...

strangers? I used to say that. See how far I've come? I used to be a lonely woman, looking for the kindness of strangers. I identified with Blanche Dubois in "A Streetcar Named Desire" Now I'm a redeemed woman, who loves the kindness of the body of Christ. Maybe they are strangers, but not really. They're just brothers and sisters I haven't met yet, but when we meet, we know. We know that we're going to feast at the marriage supper of the Lamb together.

Just in time for Valentine's Day

I finished the book "God Of Sex." I'm so glad I did! He finally got into the positive, ending up talking about how the distinctions of male and female for us will extend all the way into the resurrection. After all, Jesus was a man after he resurrected. Jones also goes on to say that although there will not be sex as we know it in heaven, there will be things like sex, as we play out being the bride of Christ. The God who invented sex will surely have new and greater pleasures in store for the bride of Christ.

This is good news for those who feel that they have lost out on good romantic love in this life. See my post on the book for the addendum after I finished the book.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I like him and I support him, I just wonder if a Republican can make it. Also, I wonder if anything can stave off the impending possibility of an attack by Russia or Iran. At least I'd like to have McCain at the helm to deal with it. The second pic is just a cute one of him, though not flattering.

Monday, February 4, 2008


This is our biggest lesson. What can you do about this? What I mean is, there is this pastor who is the head of the Toronto church where the Toronto Blessing has happened. Every time I have met and talked to him, though I have tried to project positive things, and shared how much I've learned and gotten out of the church's revival, he has always seemed to point out the need to forgive, like that's all he sees in me for some reason. I haven't been able to handle it. Every time it has ministered condemnation, so it has left me frustrated and I've not gotten free.

See, I was frustrated because I had already read his book on forgiveness and had been allowing God to show me the need to forgive, and whenever it came up I was dealing with it. What more can I do? I can only do what the Holy Spirit enables me to do. With His power, with his revelation I can come to terms with un-forgiveness in my heart, but not by any other means.

Yet, I am trying to hear what God might be saying. I always get too introspective and get under condemnation. I have to be careful. Yet, I want to know. Do I have bitterness and un-forgiveness that hasn't been dealt with, and to some great degree that I can't even see?

Now, get this! A visiting speaker at that church got up and made the statement that people who have mental illness are 99% walking in un-forgiveness. 99% of their mental illness is un-forgiveness. OK, so tell me why it is that every person who is unforgiving didn't have a manic-depressive episode that exploded at 18 - the usual beginning for a manic-depressive? It's because manic-depression is a disease of the tissues of the brain!

Once again, it's the Job syndrome. Accusations are coming to an afflicted person that they have sinned, thus they have a certain disease! I imagine that this pastor believes what that speaker said.

Unfortunately, as good as the Toronto blessing has been, I have to say that I can see abuse in it too. People, there has been abuse in the church! People have gone to get healed by the power of Christ and have found abuse!

I feel abused by this pastor. He has never let me alone on this forgiveness issue, and I have shared with him that I have struggled with manic-depression. Oops! Forgiveness. I need to forgive him - ha! Actually, I hadn't even thought of that, because I'm sure there's some truth in what he's saying. And I was thinking I need to talk to him about this some time.

Forgiveness quote by Hillary Rodham Clinton

"In the Bible it says they asked Jesus how many times you should forgive, and he said 70 times 7. Well, I want you all to know that I'm keeping a chart."
Why, Hillary am I not surprised?

Other quotes here.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

My Vision

At the recent conference on hearing God's voice, Mark had us do an exercise in having a vision. He told us to be quiet and picture ourselves with Jesus, perhaps walking beside him on the Sea of Galilee. We all had our eyes closed as he had us picture this. He then told us to ask God one of three questions: "How do you see me?" "What would you like to say to me?" and one other I don't recall. I picked "What would you like to say to me?"

Then, we were to wait and see what we "heard" from God. I was troubled by fearful thoughts about my future, at first, but then came the most peaceful thoughts, and they had to be from God.

I was in my hometown, on the main street where I grew up. It was summer. It was peaceful like on Sundays. Sundays, everything was always closed - all stores and businesses. It was joyful. In that atmosphere, I threw off my fears in a physical way, in my imagination.

Then, I was riding horse bareback, as I had done with my middle school age friend who had horses. We had ridden horses at the edge of the same town, as I was still living there in my middle school years, though that was the last time I lived in that town, and the end of my peaceful childhood years. I had long flowing hair. I always wanted long hair. I came to a hill and a sunset. It was peaceful.

Mark Virkler then interrupted us and the vision.

What does this mean to me? It seems pretty obvious. The message seems to be peace. It says to me that my end will be peace as my beginning was peace.

How To Hear God's Voice

by Mark Virkler. I just spent the weekend at a seminar called an "equipping conference" for believers (North heights Lutheran Church, charismatic). It was for learning how to hear the voice of God. Mark Virkler spent years trying to discover how to hear the voice of God and ended up teaching on this topic.

Here is his site.

The four basic keys he describes in the seminar for hearing God are:

1.Become still - you must quiet yourself to hear from God
2.Vision - you get pictures, just as Jesus did, on your mind, with your eyes fixed on Jesus
3.Spontaneity - God's words come to you in a spontaneous flow of thoughts
4.Journaling - you need to write down what comes to you spontaneously

Some important things he mentioned was: you must not be afraid that Satan will come in and give you thoughts instead of God. You must be confident of the spirit of God within you. Rationalism has stolen from us the belief in visions, dreams and the belief in hearing the voice of God.

The Bible is full of these supernatural experiences, from beginning to end, and we are meant to live the Bible, says Virkler.

When you journal, you need to have counselors over you to whom you go to check out what you have written as to whether or not the stuff is actually from God. Everyone, down to the highest leader must be under authority, and must have counselors over him/her to lead him/her.

He was hitting me between the eyes. I need that spiritual authority with some of the things I have thought God was saying to me. I believed God was telling me that I was to inherit a huge sum of money. Was that God? I need leaders who have more experience than me in spiritual gifts. Also, if I am to take this seriously, then God is speaking to me and it is not pretty. He is telling me I still have ugliness in my heart in the form of bitterness. Ugh. I hate seeing that. More purging. Not fun. (I didn't go to hear your voice to hear that, God!)