Monday, February 18, 2008

Barack HUSSEIN Obama

My nephew and niece were saying that the lesser of evils between Hillary Clinton and Obama would be Obama. I knew this wasn't true but at the family table where voices
get above mine, I wasn't able to collect my thoughts and say why. I've gone to the web to collect some material on Obama.

I think I can say what is absolutely scary about him.

First of all, my niece, who is now a lawyer and is very confident, far more than I am, said that it would be better to have an unknown (Obama) than a known evil (Clinton.) Unfortunately, we know enough about Obama to be afraid, because it is the tip of an iceberg. See Barack Hussein Obama - Who Is He?

Obama is very concerned with race. He will promote concern over race as opposed to getting beyond it - what black people need to do and want to do. Obama goes to a church that is not one of the black churches that promotes love and integration.

His church awarded Louis Farrakhan, the man who is behind the Nation of Islam, with the award of epitomizing greatness. Although Obama says he doesn't agree with Farrakhan's anti-Semitic beliefs, you have to wonder why he has an association with him, as we have been hearing about. How can Americans be so stupid? When we are in the middle of the threat of terrorism, Americans would make a man president who may have the secret agenda of promoting Islam?

Obama has a fatherless childhood as does Farrakhan. He is a wounded man with something to prove.

And what about the economy? A liberal will spend us to death. How can Americans dare to put a liberal in power when the economy is in this state?

NO ONE LEARNS FROM HISTORY! When there is pain, as from the economy, change sounds good. People want change at any cost. Any kind of change will do. But it will be 'out of the frying pan and into the fire!' Hitler came into power this way. The Germans were weakened by their poor economy and were looking for change.

I can also say that I just have a bad feeling about Obama, and that gut feeling is usually pretty accurate.


Livingsword said...

Hi Gabrielle;

Interesting article….

I am neither for nor against any of the major candidates, of course being Canadian it is rather academic since I can’t vote….

Would you say that it is liberals that have got the US economy into such a disastrous state?

Gabrielle Eden said...

No, not entirely. I think it is partly just the state of things. It is partly just Americans in general, partly just the world economy, but our wisdom in regards to our finances will have a big effect on how well we survive. With things the way they are, the added spending that Dems like to do could just crush us.