Thursday, February 28, 2008

Beth Moore

I've been involved in a Bible study at my parents' church for a while now. It's for women and they use Beth Moore's material. I have a hard time with women like her at times. You know how some people are "caffeinated?" That's the way someone described her and it fits. Women can sometimes be all manicky and get too busy and detail oriented, missing the 'meat' of something.

But ultimately, I've enjoyed her studies. We just completed her study of Daniel and then her study on Believing God. I haven't followed along in the workbook, but just go to the meetings with the women and watch her DVDs.

Today she talked about how God finally comes through for us to do something great for us and blows our minds and gives us a 'high' like no other. I know what she means. She says we should praise God in advance, while we're in a dark time, a valley, for the awesome things He has ahead for us. I was really enjoying the study today!

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