Friday, February 15, 2008

Brother Yun

OK, Ben. At your request. In my simple way, since I don't remember details, just the "gist" of things, here is the story I heard last night of the underground Chinese leader.

Brother Yun is a man who was brought up under communist rule in China, but who heard an audible voice at the age of 17 tell him to preach the gospel. It was so real he thought it was one of his parents calling him.

He took God seriously (knowing it would lead to persecution) and began preaching in towns and provinces throughout China. He would go to the center of town and begin to call people to be healed, just like Jesus. People did get healed. He shared with them how his father had been healed of cancer, and they believed him and were healed.

He said people were so needy, that they listened. They asked him if their animals could be healed. They brought him their animals and they were healed too - pigs and chickens, etc.

The authorities were getting wind of this. He was a wanted man. He eventually was wanted in every province in China. Eventually, he was imprisoned. In prison, he was tortured. They rammed something acidic under his finger nails. They were trying to get him to answer questions that in answering would mean he was renouncing his faith. He refused. His feet had been damaged. He was dying in prison. He asked the Lord to take him, but God gave him a vision of being in front of a large group of people sharing his faith. The Lord told him that He was opening a door that no man would be able to shut.

People tried to get him out of prison. A business man came with a million dollars to buy his way out of prison. No one dared to take the money, he said. He said that the Clinton administration at the time tried to do something to release him. It didn't work.

He said, "don't trust in money, or authority. They are real, but they are not truth. Only the power of Jesus Christ was able to release me." (paraphrased)

He then shared that basically, the doors of the prison opened, just as in the story of the early church. The doors were supernaturally opened and he walked out.

Brother Yun spoke in Chinese and was interpreted by a Dutch man who travels with him.

An offering plate was passed, but another man who works with Yun explained that this was not a fund-raiser and that no one should feel obligated to give. I felt so inspired to give.

The worship before he came to speak was soooooo good, I was crying. It was in this atmosphere that I could truly appreciate our freedom to worship.

Here I am to worship
Here I am to bow down
Here I am to say that you're my God

If you want Brother Yun's testimony in writing (and you want to ride over the imperfections of my memory) you can get his book here.

Today, Brother Yun's vision is to reach the un-reached people of the region of the world between China and Jerusalem, and his ministry is called "Back to Jerusalem."

They reported last night that 30,000 people a day, and 1 million people per month are coming to Jesus Christ in China. Oh, I love China. Think of how opposite China is to America! People in China are running to Jesus. People in America are running away from Jesus!

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