Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Catholic Priest's Speech

A catholic priest had served in the same parish for 25 years, and it was now the day to celebrate this anniversary. The whole parish and many other community members of this small town had gathered for the occasion, and the priest began with a speech:

"Beloved parish and community members, I find it sometimes difficult making a speech of this sort. There are many stories I could tell of my 25 years here, but as you know, I am bound by my oath to secrecy regarding confessions. But let me put it this way:
"When I first arrived here 25 years ago, I wondered what I was getting into. You see, the very first person who came to me for confession told me that he was, although married, having an affair with his sister-in-law and his cousin as well, had cheated on his income tax and had just stolen a not-trivial sum of money from his boss.
"As I learned in the years to follow, however, this parish isn't as bad as I first thought it might be! It turned out that this was the exception to the rule."

After about twenty minutes, he was just finishing his speech, when the mayor suddenly showed up. In a somewhat hectic state, he approached the podium. The priest greeted him and stepped down.
The mayor first apologized for being late, then he began his speech:
"Dear parish and community members, I can remember well when our priest first came here 25-years ago. In fact, I had the honor of being the first one to come to him for confession......"

The moral of the story: Punctuality is always better!!! ;-)

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