Saturday, February 9, 2008

Continued Victory Over Sexual Sin

In Win Over Sin, I shared how I got an eventual victory over sexual sin, which could be applied to any besetting sin, but I haven't shared how I have maintained that victory.

First of all, I have to admit that the hormones aren't as strong because of hormonal changes due to "change of life." However, men hold the same fascination and appeal, and I know that I would be foolish to think that I am above or beyond being capable of sexual sin. This is the first way to victory - being ever cognizant of one's weakness, looking for pitfalls.

Of course, being aware of one's weakness would be meaningless if you weren't dead set against falling again. I am always convinced that what I want is holiness and to never again feel the effects of sexual sin on my psyche and emotions - the separation from God, and the humiliation as someone takes something from me without giving the love that is meant to be given.

I want a holy union - to be in the kind of relationship that God intended for me before the foundation of the world, when he designed male and female and chose to make me female. I want God's choice for me - the man He approves, and no "familiarity" with anyone else.

I am in the Word of God every night and every morning. I have Bible verses to confess out loud. I have collected verses for each area - healing, finances, fear, etc., to say out loud when needed, when facing a crises in that area. This would apply when facing temptation in the sexual area. I also have the communion prayer and communion to take when needed.

I am in fellowship with Christians and live with Christian parents. I have accountability. I have people to go to for counsel. I have a woman's bible study, I have a prayer partner, I have a healing center to go to. I have more than one church to attend, and church conferences to attend.

These are all the things I can think of for now. I don't go to parties and drink, things like that. I don't see movies or watch TV that talk about wrong sexuality. I keep my mind on pure things, reading pure books and magazines, watching healthy movies and staying on pure things on the internet.

And when I pray, I don't just pray, I pray in the spirit, in tongues.


Guitarman said...

As if you need anything more. Here's a bible verse for you. Phillipians 4: 8-12. One of my personal (no this is my favorite).

Gabrielle Eden said...

Guitarman - that is a great passage for this area of life - to suffer want or to be in plenty, to be abased or to abound, to be happy in whatever state I am in. And, to dwell on pure and lovely things. Thanks for sharing that.