Sunday, February 3, 2008

How To Hear God's Voice

by Mark Virkler. I just spent the weekend at a seminar called an "equipping conference" for believers (North heights Lutheran Church, charismatic). It was for learning how to hear the voice of God. Mark Virkler spent years trying to discover how to hear the voice of God and ended up teaching on this topic.

Here is his site.

The four basic keys he describes in the seminar for hearing God are:

1.Become still - you must quiet yourself to hear from God
2.Vision - you get pictures, just as Jesus did, on your mind, with your eyes fixed on Jesus
3.Spontaneity - God's words come to you in a spontaneous flow of thoughts
4.Journaling - you need to write down what comes to you spontaneously

Some important things he mentioned was: you must not be afraid that Satan will come in and give you thoughts instead of God. You must be confident of the spirit of God within you. Rationalism has stolen from us the belief in visions, dreams and the belief in hearing the voice of God.

The Bible is full of these supernatural experiences, from beginning to end, and we are meant to live the Bible, says Virkler.

When you journal, you need to have counselors over you to whom you go to check out what you have written as to whether or not the stuff is actually from God. Everyone, down to the highest leader must be under authority, and must have counselors over him/her to lead him/her.

He was hitting me between the eyes. I need that spiritual authority with some of the things I have thought God was saying to me. I believed God was telling me that I was to inherit a huge sum of money. Was that God? I need leaders who have more experience than me in spiritual gifts. Also, if I am to take this seriously, then God is speaking to me and it is not pretty. He is telling me I still have ugliness in my heart in the form of bitterness. Ugh. I hate seeing that. More purging. Not fun. (I didn't go to hear your voice to hear that, God!)

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