Sunday, February 10, 2008

I saw "Into The Wild!"

And I loved it! For those of you who worry about "R" movies like I do (what licenses they will take, etc) this movie is awesome! There is only a little nudity and a little bad language - almost nothing that merits an "R" rating.

It was the book and the director that made me worry about the movie. The writer, Krakauer, gets into neurotic minds in a way that irks me. He writes about people who go over the edge, as in "Into Thin air" and makes it entertainment, almost. I was getting bogged down a third of the way through the book by the reality of Chris McCandless' foolishness.

Sean Penn: I had only remembered him in violent movies, and had forgotten his performance in "Dead Man Walking." I'm sure there are other works he's done I've forgotten too, but I stereotyped him based on some movies I didn't like, and didn't expect much from him as the writer/director of this film. Did he surprise me? In a wonderful way!

He made references to God that were totally unexpected. He took the edge off the neurotic reality of McCandless and made a character study of someone really sweet - not that McCandless wasn't a sweet person in reality, but the movie elevated him. The movie was lighter - a joy and at the same time, thought provoking.

This confirms my faith in movies. It reminds me of why I love movies more than books.
The movie just takes some of the gems that were spoken by key characters in the book and highlights those.

Of course - a guy goes and travels around the country and meets people. There's a great adventure story there to tell! He is a pretty nice person to the people he meets. There's a decent character study to be made there!

Watching the movie, I was reminded of the fact that the kind of adventure that McCandless went on was one only a man could take - and even for a man it was altogether dangerous - the hitchhiking, the hanging out with the homeless. It also reminded me that men can be such stark lone wolves! Only a man could go into the wilderness like that alone.

I don't want to spoil the movie. You must see it! Lea you were right!


Lea said...

Hey! I'm glad you liked the movie. It was a good flick.


Gabrielle Eden said...

My sister, mom and I saw it together and were all pleasantly surprised!