Sunday, February 3, 2008

My Vision

At the recent conference on hearing God's voice, Mark had us do an exercise in having a vision. He told us to be quiet and picture ourselves with Jesus, perhaps walking beside him on the Sea of Galilee. We all had our eyes closed as he had us picture this. He then told us to ask God one of three questions: "How do you see me?" "What would you like to say to me?" and one other I don't recall. I picked "What would you like to say to me?"

Then, we were to wait and see what we "heard" from God. I was troubled by fearful thoughts about my future, at first, but then came the most peaceful thoughts, and they had to be from God.

I was in my hometown, on the main street where I grew up. It was summer. It was peaceful like on Sundays. Sundays, everything was always closed - all stores and businesses. It was joyful. In that atmosphere, I threw off my fears in a physical way, in my imagination.

Then, I was riding horse bareback, as I had done with my middle school age friend who had horses. We had ridden horses at the edge of the same town, as I was still living there in my middle school years, though that was the last time I lived in that town, and the end of my peaceful childhood years. I had long flowing hair. I always wanted long hair. I came to a hill and a sunset. It was peaceful.

Mark Virkler then interrupted us and the vision.

What does this mean to me? It seems pretty obvious. The message seems to be peace. It says to me that my end will be peace as my beginning was peace.

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Scott Bonnell said...

thanks it was a good day.