Thursday, March 20, 2008

Christianity Gone Wrong

Two (Christian) women discussing Brooke Shields

Woman 1: "Did you see Brooke Shields on David Letterman last night?"

Woman 2: "No, I didn't stay up that late."

Woman 1: "She looks just gorgeous! I can't believe it. She's been around as long as I have, it seems, yet she looks way younger and better. I was getting so jealous!"

Woman 2: "Well, how old is she? She has got to be up there."

Woman 1: "I don't know. I need to go look her up on Wikipedia."

Woman 2: "Here, I've got it. OK, Brooke Shields, something about Tom Cruise admiring her."

Woman 1: "I 'spose!"

Woman 2: "Ok, she was born in 1965."

Woman 1: "1965! She's ten years younger than me! She hasn't gone through change of life. She's been around forever! Why is it that when I find out the ages of these people, there are the ones I thought were way older than me, and I find out they aren't that much older, like Sylvester Stallone, and there are the ones who have practically lived life alongside me, and I find out they are actually way younger than me! I can't win!"

Woman 2: "Look, she started out her career in a movie as a child living in a brothel. She's been exploited. We should pray for her. She probably hasn't had much of an opportunity to know Christ and his saving power!"

Woman 1: "Oh, right! So, then she could have salvation and have this gorgeous body and beautiful face, and all that money too."

Woman 2: "Uh..."

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