Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dennis Prager Last Night

Dennis Prager talked last night at the Northland Inn and was funny and thought provoking. Most of you probably know that he has a talk show on the radio and can be found on Townhall and that he leans towards the right politically. He has very clear thinking and I'm amazed how he thinks of things that I do, since he is a Jew and I am a Christian.

He talked about the difference between men and women. He made me wish I could trade my brain with a man. He was so funny, saying that if a man had to wear a woman's brain for a day he'd commit suicide, because women think way too much! He said men have the ability to turn off troubling thoughts and just not think about anything. He said if a woman had the ability to wear a man's brain for a day, she'd exclaim, "this is so easy!" Oh, it sounds good to me, to be free from my mind! But, on the other hand, I don't think Prager realizes that there can be pleasure in our thought processes, and that's maybe why we do it.

Men would not necessarily want to kill themselves having these woman brains!

Anyway, I'd go into more detail about more of what he said - serious stuff- but I will continue this later. For now I'm going to try to exercise the ability to turn off serious thoughts, just like he said women can learn to do!

OK - here is some of the serious stuff Prager said that night. The topic is: "what keeps Prager up at night?" His first answer was: nothing. Then he said, "I'm done, are there any questions?" But then he said, although he doesn't lose sleep over anything at all, there are things that are constantly bothering him, and he named them.

The first one is his children. He said he doesn't know of anything that will occupy your thoughts more than your children - worrying about them. I now understand this only by being an aunt. I now think constantly about my nieces and nephews and the things concerning them.

He named some other things, among them the thing that led to talking about the difference between men and women, but the one that struck me the most was the last one: he worries about the fate of America. I almost thought he was going to cry. He said something that I guess he has talked about on his show before, that America has a trinity of values that are being threatened.

1. In God we trust - is now being threatened by secularism.

2. Liberty - is being threatened by equality (communistic idea of making all equal instead of encouraging people to go out and work for what they get)

3. E Pluribus Unum or Many Into One, the melting pot - is being threatened by multiculturalism - the idea that it is not necessary to become a part of this culture, but to just force your own culture on Americans

There was so much.

Oh yeh, I forgot. He is disturbed by evil, by the evil done by evil people to other people. He says that the truly evil in the world are like another species. And they don't 'get' us, the people who care about right and wrong. He wouldn't mind if God disposed of the truly evil in the world, and I clapped to that. This is a thought that I have had plenty of times.

He ponders the question of how much free will every person has. This needs more explanation perhaps, but it is an idea that I agree with, and so does Lutheran doctrine.

Prager and I think alike on so many counts. One thing he said I don't agree with is the idea of luck. He says that there is just good luck or bad luck and that's the way it is. I believe a person in relationship with God has more than just luck happening in his/her life. But basically he and I think so much alike.

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