Thursday, March 20, 2008

Financial Miracles

1. TV Repair

I had an analog TV, the soon to be obsolete heavy box-shaped TV, not the flat,digital screen. I lifted it to move it to a new location, and placed it on my futon bed temporarily. It slid off the bed and onto the floor, face down.

Something happened to the screen. A friend said the 'coating' got messed up. There was this ugly spot on the screen. When the screen was just blue, the spot was a bright pink. when there was a picture, the skin tones were green in that spot.

I went to Best Buy and they told me that it sounded like it would cost so much it wouldn't be worth fixing. My TV just sat there until months later when my roommate turned it on. I had stopped watching Tv altogether just as a lifestyle change. it took a while for me to notice that the spot had completely disappeared. it wasn't until later that I recalled having laid hands on my TV and praying for it. This is another financial miracle because God prevented me from having to spend money on TV repair.

At this point, I was using my TV mainly for watching videos.

2. The Keyboard

I purchased a keyboard at a time when I had very little money- no extra money at all. I was desiring a keyboard to use for praise and worship in my home. I purchased it on credit, since I had a large amount of credit, believing God for the means to pay it back. Not long after I made the purchase, a mysterious deposit was made in my bank account for the exact amount of the keyboard. I hadn’t told anyone who had access to my bank account the exact amount of the purchase. Only my parents had deposit slips for my bank account. I hadn’t told them about my purchase. It was a bizarre miracle.

3. A Hospital Bill For $8,000

I was traveling in Canada while on a manic episode. The police stopped me because people at a hotel I had stayed at reported some odd behavior. The police determined from my behavior and language that I was delusional and brought me to a hospital. They kept me there for several days, but of course, not much care was given except for putting me up for the night and giving me medication.

When I returned to the States they sent me a bill for $8,000. I was paying for it with payments of about $15.00 a month. Once I forgot to make a payment and the bill ended up in collections, but they retrieved it from collections and I was back to making payments. I was getting prayer for this bill from my church.

At one point, I heard God tell me not to make the payment for that month. I just knew I wasn’t supposed to make any more payments. I never received another bill and nothing came from a collection agency, and this was years ago.

4. God Told Me I Would Receive $10,000.00

I heard God tell me that I would be receiving $10,000.00. I didn’t know where it would be coming from. I told a friend about this. Some time later, but not that much later, I received my first payment from my grandmother for $10,000.00. She was giving money from her estate early, before her death. We received more payments. I ended up receiving that 10,000 7 or 8 times worth. I used the money to go to the church in Toronto several times, and to buy my house.

5. A Hospital Bill For $48,000

Well, it’s simple. I had a bill that large, and it was written off. I got prayer from my small, charismatic church named Lovepower, and then went in to discuss the bill with the financial office. When they learned that I was almost jobless, they wrote off the bill.

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