Saturday, March 29, 2008

Jews For Jesus

I went to see David Brickner tonight, the head of Jews for Jesus. I seem to have a Jewish theme in my life right now. He showed a video of their work in Israel. ISRAEL HAS ALMOST SIX MILLION JEWS! That's an ominous number, since it's the number killed in the holocaust. Soon, they say, more Jews will be living in Israel than all those outside Israel.

Less than 1 percent know Jesus as Messiah! Most have never heard the word Y'shua, the Hebrew name for Jesus. It makes my heart yearn for Jewish evangelism! 'To the Jew first!' I can't believe how I have basked in the love and light of the Messiah's love, as a Gentile, taking what belonged to the Jews first! I got it first! God loved me that much!


Anonymous said...

Dennis Praeger described people who are evil, and do evil to other people. The words you heard regarding the Jewish people were uttered by a man who personally, as did his predecessor, perpetrated evil.
You might want to read comments from organizations such as jews for judaism, as well as writings from former employees of that organization such as ellen kamensky and exjewsforjesus.

Gabrielle Eden said...

David Brickner? The only problem I have with the guy is that he is uptight and seems to stay in the mold of religion, so is comfortable in the company of Christians who also haven't left the mold of religious Christianity.

We are in relationship with God through Christ, and we are free from trying to live strictly by the law. We are not free from the law, but free to fulfill the law in our hearts. The old mold is still stuck in law-oriented ways.

The church he met in made me feel oppressed by their religious ways, but I came to hear anything at all that was a spark of the true life of Jesus giving light to the Jews.

I doubt that Brickner is evil, just legalistic.

I saw that ex Jews for Jesus site when I Googled Jews for Jesus. I'll check it out.

Gabrielle Eden said...

I've now read a couple of the stories in ex Jews for Jesus. That's sad. I think many people turn away from God and the truth because they have been hurt by his representatives. What we need to do is forgive people and turn to God instead of people for the love that we are looking for. That sounds easier than it is.