Friday, March 14, 2008

Obama's Wonderful Pastor

Here is an article on him cursing America. Great! Dems have done it again. They think it's so cool - "let's have a woman president or a black president," so they pick people who are a woman and a black, but not based on the content of their character. That's what Martin Luther King Junior said his dream was, that people would be judged by 'the content of their character' and not on the color of their skin - not on outward things.

Just read what Jeremiah Wright, Obama's pastor, who married he and his wife and baptized his children, has said in some of his sermons, and you tell me just how close does he come to Martin Luther King Jr or T.D Jakes in character and in imitating the love of Christ? He does black people a disservice. And so does having Obama come any where near being president do to black people. Another blow to them! Oh God have mercy and help us!


Lea said...

Is there any religion/sect/denomination without its wing-nuts, or being a bit more charitable, its members with unorthodox views? Obama has said he doesn't agree with the outlandish statements of this preacher, just as John McCain has said he doesn't agree with outlandish statements made by John Hagee. I think the less attention we give to religious extremists who seek to divide the better.

Gabrielle Eden said...


the thing that is in question is Obama's level of involvement with this pastor. McCain wasn't involved with Hagee. There is no comparison.

Wright has a victim mentality, and with it a revenge mentality - and that is a serious thing for a man who would be president, if Obama shares his views. Obama's involvement with this man is deep. He can't just turn around and deny it suddenly.

We are not only questioning Obama's character. We are asking what it is he actually is looking to do with the power that would be given to him. It sounds like he is seeking to exalt a minority and hurt a majority, not represent the people as a whole, if he shares such radical racist views.

Lea said...

Well, I don't know what church McCain goes to, but I doubt he agrees with everything his pastor says. I know I don't agree with everything mine says. I think the entire thing has been blown way out of proportion. There is a lot of overstatement and hyperbole that comes down from just about any pulpit from time to time. To isolate certain extreme statements made by Obama's pastor and repeat those soundbytes over and over and over is going a bit far. It's clear to me that Obama doesn't share those extreme views. First people tried to smear Obama by saying he's a Muslim. Now they don't like his UCC pastor. It's getting to be a bit much.

Look, I am not an Obama supporter; I did not vote for him. But I'm tired of the character assassination has tried to pass for political commentary in this country for the past 20 years. I'm not saying you're doing that Gabrielle, I'm saying watch what people are saying in the media and think about where they're coming from, and what they want to get out of this election and this country. It might not be what you want.

Let's focus on real issues -- the economy, the war, the millions who don't have any health insurance. I think as Christians we are to care for the least among us. Let's not forget what's really important.

Gabrielle Eden said...


I don't care to get into an argument about him, but please go and look at a post that expresses what I feel about this on Ben's blog (Hammerswing75) It's

God bless you, and thanks for hanging in there with me!