Sunday, March 9, 2008

You can't expect them to treat cats any better than people

All of the cats I've ever loved should be turning over in the grave, or cringing about now.

Long story, but I don't have three of the cats that I have loved and owned for years right now - they belong to someone else, and three are in heaven. My love of cats is matched only by my awe of the cruelty that we know people who are cruel towards people (we've heard about persecution in China) can have towards animals. Death camps for cats in China? Me and my cat are going ballistic over here!

Surprisingly, I'm suddenly happy that PETA exists and am wishing they could do something about this!


kingdavid said...

We're probably not at your emotional attachment to cats; but we're getting there.

After our pug had to be put down, we didn't think about getting another pet for a while; then along came Socks. She was about 3 when we got her; and she adjusted well. Every once in a while she'd lower herself to come up and let us love on her for a short period.

Now, we've added a dog and another cat to the household; and suddenly she can't seem to get enough loving. She's constantly hunting me down and jumping up into my lap for long some bouts of ear scratching and back rubs.

Not sure if she's jealous, or just old age setting in and she's using me as her physical therapist.

Gabrielle Eden said...

They get under your skin big time. I have dreams about the cats I've lost, and think about and pray for them all the time. They're like people. For some reason, the reality of the hard hearted barbaric ways of the Chinese government, which has been played out against people, didn't hit home until I heard about this story of how they are treating their cats.