Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dennis Prager A Few Days Ago

I said that he and I think alike, and then as if God was trying to tell me something, Dennis comes on the air while my mom is listening to The Patriot station as she often does, and he says some stuff that sort of reveals where Prager and I part company.

It's just that he does not exactly hold the biblical view in the sense of revering the New Testament. He was doing a man/woman day and he had a woman call in who was complaining about her husband looking at pornography. Prager said that all men fantasize about other women and that it would be no different if her husband were looking at women on the street and undressing them, or looking at women in magazines and undressing them, or looking at underwear ads. He asked her if it would bother her if she knew he was fantasizing about such women.

Wow! First of all, there is a vast difference between just looking at a woman and fantasizing about her if she is on the street, or in a magazine. It depends a lot upon whether or not the thoughts are intentional and whether or not a man dwells on them. A man may have thoughts in passing that he doesn't entertain - we all have those - but it's another thing to seek out the source of fantasies (porn) and things which are designed to whet the appetite.

He also does not take seriously Jesus' words when he said that a man has already committed adultery in his heart if he lusts after a woman. Prager would probably agree, that a man has committed adultery in his heart, but say that it doesn't matter. In fact he did say that it doesn't matter, and the reason is that the husband is, in fact, not cheating but is faithful to his wife. The reason it bothers this woman is that it does matter. The reason Jesus makes a case about this is that what we do in our hearts is as important as what we do! And it doesn't take long before what we do in our hearts becomes what we actually do.

Prager is boorish in this respect, lacking the refinement that comes from the revelation about the things of the heart being important.

Oh God. Get a hold of Dennis Prager. Show him Jesus!


Bike Bubba said...

Just might explain why he got divorced a couple of years back, sad to say. He's also on record as suggesting that a mother ought not breastfeed if her husband didn't like it.

Poor guy. Like you say, he needs Him.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Not breastfeed - that is weird.