Sunday, April 20, 2008

Missing Tubby and Bonita

It's been two years since I tragically lost my two cats when I drove off the road and then was whisked away by paramedics to the hospital so I couldn't return and get my cats.

Bonita was left in the motel room where I left her that morning. Tubby mysteriously disappeared though he was in the car that was totaled and doesn't appear to have been killed at the site. He seems to have wandered off.

Bonita was given away by the motel owner to someone he said loves animals, but after she hid in the motel for three weeks without coming out for food or water.

Kingdavid did a post about his wife leaving their dog in the car for two hours by mistake and I thought that's nothing compared to what I did to my cats.

I pray for them every day.

Bonita was a sweet female. She traveled all over the United States in my car, hunkered down under my luggage stashed in the back of the car. She was too shy to come out.

Tubby was getting out at every stop and walking along with me like a dog. He looked like a Pomeranian.

They get a hold of you and live in your heart. It's like the hold people have on you.

I place the blood of Christ over them every day and pray for the people taking care of them.

I only hope it will serve to teach me a permanent lesson. I was escaping principalities and powers that hover over cities. I was escaping to the wilderness and to small towns. As crazy as it sounds, it is true. Though there is some refuge in this, the joke was ultimately on me because it caught up with me. There is no escape except in Jesus and in His church. Our refuge is in Him and with His people. I had learned that before I started on my escape craze and now I had to learn it again.

Pictured: Tubby getting out of the car at a motel in Montana

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