Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dan Nainan - Thou Shalt Laugh 2

I so enjoyed this guy. Just bought this DVD recently. It's a collaboration of Christian comedians just doing jokes, as you'll see when watching this video. It's not about the faith, it's just about "stuff." Over at Stuff Christians Like, there is talk about being offended at the idea of having a label of being a Christian comedian, instead of just being a funny and clean comedian, but I think it's important to "come out" about your faith and make it known, and also it's helpful to know that because of faith in Christ, certain things will be avoided in the material. That means your soul will not be getting dumped on with junk that you desire to avoid.

Last night I watched part of Saturday Nite Live. Ashton Kutcher was a guest and he was doing a sketch in which he was singing with these guys and talking about how he was actually a woman and had a vagina. Not funny and not enjoyable. Then he did a sketch where he was dressed up as a chocolate bar and he stabbed a man, and it was called "death by chocolate," but it wasn't funny, and it was unpleasant watching the stabbing.

I once heard that you are funnier as a comedian when you are forced to stay within certain boundaries, value boundaries. And it's true. "Thou Shalt Laugh", Brian Regan who I heard is a Christian, and Tim Walker are loads funnier than anything I've seen on Saturday Nite Live where they are "free" to do offensive material.

That's why it seems important to me to be able to say that an album is a collection of Christians doing material such as "Thou Shalt Laugh," because it means that people are operating within boundaries that are agreed upon, and thus we don't have to have our souls dumped on, and also, what we are going to see and hear is also going to be funnier.


Dan Nainan said...

Thank you so much for the kind words!

Dan Nainan

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Christian Allen said...

Very well put, Gabrielle. Christian comedian is a label to wear proudly!

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Thanks for your comment, Christian Allen.