Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Traveling Around America

Beware: This can make you restless and unhappy with your life.

I deleted the post written before on this. It was making me restless and unhappy. I cannot deny that it was a happy time, traveling around my beloved country, camping out in beautiful places, enjoying the mountains, swimming in the rivers, whitewater rafting, bathing in hot springs - enjoying nature, communing with God.

It was a time of looking for people who were hungry for God - and in Montana I hit pay dirt. I found an alive church in Missoula, and in Miles City there was a great church whose pastor met me one Sunday morning in a grocery store coffee shop and invited me to church. I met a great couple in Bozeman who had been involved with a group that was connected to the Toronto church. They invited me to stay in their home, and then to stay at their cabins in Yellowstone in exchange for some work on their property.

I also happened to find a decent Vineyard church in Denver.

The only problem is that I ended up losing my mental health as I continued on this path. I didn't stick with practicing the presence of God, pursuing God in quiet time as well as seeking peaceful places. I also ran out of money. Thus, I am living the conservative life, back in my hometown, being forced to work a regular job again. It was wonderful being able to be out in nature, camping out for two months in Montana's mountains.

It was a pretty simple life, not having much technology while traveling, just meeting people everywhere, traveling with my two cats, setting up a tent night after night.

But it takes money. It is a lifestyle that requires having a lot of financial ability, and if it were possible to do it again I guess I would.

For now I am sort of trapped because my parents need me, but I guess that's a good thing. It's good to be needed.

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