Friday, June 27, 2008

Penny From The Bronx

I stayed in the dorms at Wesleyan University in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, partly because I didn't want to be all cushy for the conference in a hotel, while thinking about persecuted and very uncomfortable Christians in various places in the world. But I was also alone and I thought it'd be a good way to meet people, and it would be convenient too. I got put in a suite where the bathroom was shared with the next dorm. Penny was my suite mate.

Penny lives in the Bronx.

Penny is so cool, and is a testimony for Barack Obama. She is an urban black woman in all respects, but she has none of the negative attitude, because she has Jesus blazing in her heart. She is also very bright and intelligent. She has a Southern accent, as she is from Georgia originally.

She was such a delight! She is like fresh water in the desert. She is a hard working woman, about to retire after thirty years of service in her job.

She talked about some of the things she has learned working for Voice of The Martyrs, and we discussed some of what we had heard at the conference. We talked about rape. Women are raped because they are Christians! That's something I never wanted to hear. The Iranian man who was hiding his face talked about it in Iran, and they discussed it in the Columbia session. Penny said that there is something worse than rape, so they say, but they don't want to tell what it is.

The Voice of the Martyrs people don't splash all the ugly gore in their magazines or at their conferences. You have to read between the lines. The things people do to people - well, it's far worse than animals. I do understand why people end up loving animals more than people.

Just as an example, in the Columbia session, they told us that in the prisons, they are using human heads to play soccer.

Penny "turned me on" to a bunch of stuff that will shed further light on what is going on in the world. She directed me to some films.

On North Korea:

The Crossing - a story that shows life in North Korea.

Seoul Train - a documentary

On Israel:

Farewell Israel


Guitarman said...

Good post. Sounds like a great conference.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Guitarman - I left you a comment under the post on Oklahoma 2008 Weekend....

wish i could convey all that God is doing!