Friday, August 22, 2008

Another response to Penny....

I got all the stuff you sent on McCain. Sorry for being so obtuse regarding your comments about Obama. I realize you are still deciding. I only meant that you said that you were leaning towards Obama. The things you have sent lead to the conclusion: our choices suck!

McCain is not a very righteous man, nor is Cindy. The facts, or questions surrounding them are not very pretty.

I wish I could just sit this out, you know? Be an ostrich.

Thanks for taking the time to write and to enlighten me. It really is an eye opener. I see now that the "cunt" thing is real. Lord, McCain's language is filthy. It makes me want to give up on him for sure. But I guess that we are stuck with him. That's kind of how I feel.

All things considered, I think McCain is the lesser of evils. I think we just don't have much choice, and we should get behind him so that he wins. Obama is bad news. He is a disaster in dealing with our enemies. His morals are worse, in spite of the fact that he has a steady relationship. I think you can have that and still be amoral.

Our country is in trouble. God help us.

We need to cling to Jesus more than ever.

Lots of love to you Penny,

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