Monday, August 18, 2008

First Americans, First Ecologists? by Michael Medved

I had to draw attention to this because it verbalizes what I suspected was true all along about the Native Americans, who were, after all, savages.

The most disturbing portion is something I've heard before and makes me sick. I can't imagine the inhumane act of pushing buffalo off a cliff as a means of killing them for food. I can just hear them screaming out as they hit the ground! Horrible!

Here is the excerpt:

In fact, in their pursuit of succulent suppers, Indians did a great deal of collateral damage, even driving some species extinct. In 1998, our family accepted an invitation to spend a few days at an historic Wyoming ranch where the couple that owned it took us on an unforgettable tour of their property. They brought us to a red-earth outcropping that rose like a wedge from the surrounding terrain. "This was an Indian Buffalo Run," they explained. The local tribes developed a means to frighten huge herds of buffalo and to direct their stampede —right off the edge of the cliff into a heap of meat more than a hundred feet below. There, awaiting tribesmen could collect as much of the carcasses as they could eat and preserve. They left the rest to rot, creating a mountain of bones still visible (and formidable) below us.

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