Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary's DNC Speech

Here are my thoughts while watching Hillary's speech: she's about control. She says she wants to see Barack sign into law every American having health care. Well, here's the problem with that! That means garnishing everyone's wages, and then placing controls on where and when people go to doctors. Control, control. More taxes are extracted, gas prices increase, all prices increase, and soon we have no more money. It's totally scary if you don't have much money. The people who don't mind are people with money.

She's for abortion, including partial birth abortion, same-sex marriage, and things that are just unacceptable. I understand that Democrats actually want her over Obama, but she is just as scary.


Guitarman said...

I may blog about this but here's the really frustrating part. Both my voting age sons are voting Obama. They've never paid any income tax. They don't make enough money to do so. So basically you and I and every other middle to lower class american who works and pays taxes will picking up the tab for their health care when they go off mine in 18 months. How selfish!

Gabrielle Eden said...

Oh babe! I hear you! I would be so frustrated!