Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm sorry Penny but...

I just have to say this apart from writing to you (this is not an email to Penny.) I know that I can't say what I really think of Obama because you have your mind made up, like so many people. I can't even begin to say what I think. He spent twenty years listening to a poisonous man who damned America. He was raised going to a Muslim school. He actually blames white America for the blacks who are in prison. I don't want a racist black person in the White House. Ugh! Just when the threat of radical Islam is the gravest, we flirt with that danger by having a man with the middle name of Hussein who went to a Muslim school running for president?! Are we insane?

I just can't say enough about how I dread the thought of him being president. But I don't want to get into a conflict with someone who has her mind made up about certain aspects of his character, when I say that he isn't "clean." You say that you couldn't vote for him regarding his views on abortion, but in other statements you seem to view him as upright and honest, etc. and a better choice than the opponent.

Well, as much as I doubt McCain's character, I doubt Obama even more. Much more. So much more that I would vote for McCain over Obama, but I have to admit that my support for McCain is running thin. I appreciate that you have brought certain things to light about McCain.

I don't know if you're reading my blog. But if you read this, I hope you'll understand why I didn't send this to you. It's too hard to be direct with you just like it's hard to be direct with all the other folks who at least like Obama more than McCain.

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