Sunday, August 24, 2008

Keen - product endorsement

I got this idea from Kingdavid! I have to recommend this amazing product. I hurt my foot badly in a car accident and have wanted miraculous healing from the Lord. I lost a joint from my foot, and my walking/running haven't been the same since. As a result, it has been imperative that I find something kind for my feet, that enables me to walk better. I found the perfect thing. Keens! They are like walking in heaven! When the Lord restores my foot I can walk on tiny little shoes with spike heels, but until then, I'll need Keens to get me through.

My Uncle was visiting us from Texas and brought his third wife with him. She wears Keens and introduced me to them. We went straightway and bought a pair. My feet haven't been the same since. After I bought a pair of sandals like the ones shown (Venice) I bought a pair of Keen tennis shoes and a pair of Mary Jane style Keens for winter. I wear those three pair of shoes interchangeably and hardly wear anything else.

They all have heavy treads on the bottom. The Venice sandals are waterproof and I just found out they can even be machine washed.

I wore them in Montana floating down the Madison river and when we got to the end of our trip and had to put our feet down and pull our inner tubes out of the water and pull ourselves out of the river, I had to walk over harsh rocks and boulders that were on the bottom of the river. If I didn't have my Keens on, what would I have done? They were the perfect thing with their heavy rubber bottoms.


Lea said...

Agree with you 100% -- Keens are great! I bought a pair of leather ones a couple of years ago. Thought they were quite expensive, so I told myself I had to wear them every day. Wore them in summer and winter, with socks (disclosure: that was a Houston winter). I had them over a year and a half before I wore them on a hike through a wetland. They were too gross to wear after that. Now I have another pair of black Keen leather sandals and a pair of their brown Mary Janes. Will have to check out the Keen tennis shoes.

Hope your foot gets better!

Gabrielle Eden said...

I know they are expensive, but worth it. The tennis shoes are cheaper. I need a recreative miracle, like Jesus did when he restored the man with the withered hand, or the soldier's ear.

Thank you.