Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Michelle Obama's Speech

You can judge for yourself, but I was laughing at the women who were crying during it, and just thinking that I wasn't buying it. She is very gifted, and plenty of people are going to be won over by her, but not me!

Obama's little girls were cute, and the whole scene was captivating. Obama isn't evil, this great nemesis - he's just a buffoon. There's a difference. Unfortunately, a buffoon could be the cause of evil, inadvertently.


David said...

Hi Gabrielle Eden,

Its been a long time! Hope all is well with you and your heavenly Boyfriend. He's mine too.

What's going on with Obama the his wife? I don't really keep up with it all. Email me please.

Lea said...

I thought Michelle Obama gave a terrific speech. I teared up during it. I come from a lower-middle, working class background. I saw my grandparents and parents struggle to give me more opportunities than they had. She spoke a lot about that. To me, that is the American dream -- not owning a house or things, but to be able to maintain and expand opportunities for future generations.

Unfortunately today we use things up with no thought of future generations. People more and more seem to think only of the individual, and the sense of being in community with others, which provides benefits and also entails responsibilities to our neighbors, is being left behind. I'd like to see us go in a different direction.

Just my $.02.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Dear Lea,

Thanks dear, for sticking with me, since we are on different sides of the fence. See, we don't part company on the American dream. I'm with you on the American dream.

We part on the idea that government has to step in and take away so much more from us than it is already taking away. I'm not against taking some taxes and having some programs for the poor. But I'm against government getting too heavy, and taking too much. She represents that for me.

I don't see her as evil, just a threat to freedom, which indirectly is an evil.

Lea said...

I benefitted from government programs -- student grants for that were based on need and on disability. Without them, it would've been very difficult for me to attend college. My parents gave me zero money -- they didn't have any! Today, money for education is much harder to come by. Our whole society benefits when its citizens are educated. As an educator, I really believe that! I think that the taxes we pay provide us with benefits -- roads, bridges, schools, a strong military, help for elderly and disabled people so they don't have to live on the streets -- lots of things. I think we would lose a lot if we lost a lot of these services. Without good roads, commerce and the economy suffer. Without education and a safety net for poor people, crime rises. If you have to hide in your house because it's not safe to go outside, what kind of freedom is that? I think a society where there are opportunities for all is important in safeguarding our freedoms. Should tax money be spent carelessly? No. But we need to think about future generations when we spend excessively while not taking in enough money through tax revenues. It's like eating out at fancy restaurants and giving people's kids and grandkids the bills.

Gabrielle Eden said...

OK, so we need taxation for the things you mentioned, and we have taxation. I'm against increasing it until it strangles us.