Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My response to Penny

I was thinking about what you wrote, and came up with a better reply.

I don't know why we haven't heard about what you said McCain said to his wife, if that's what he said. I have never heard anything like that come out about him before. I'm not saying that you're making that up, or lying, just that it isn't public knowledge.

I don't know the details about his marriage to Cindy, but I think it would be hard to judge the reasons for his marrying her, even if on the surface it looks like he married her because of her looks and her money. We don't know that. He said in the forum at Rick Warren's church where Rick questioned both men, that he felt his first marriage was his biggest failure. He has,after all, been married for 25 years. That says a lot.

I've read that Cindy is very generous with her money in giving to places in the world in need, such as Africa, and is involved in helping the poor and needy.

I was impressed by their adopting two girls from Bangladesh.

McCain doesn't seem like a puppet to me. He seems to make his own decisions.

But he isn't a man of God. He's not deeply involved in faith. We're in more of a secular vein with him.

Obama. I can't believe that you support him. Seems he has wrapped you around his smooth talking. He changes his mind, and changes his stand to please people.

He uses clever words and language to ultimately say nothing. His values are poor. I couldn't support him on those key issues. He's bad for the economy. Obama - no way! it has nothing to do with being black. There are black people I would much sooner support than him, such as Colin Powell or Condoleeza Rice.

His faith is certainly not credible. The church that he was involved with - unbelievable!

Well, hope that I haven't blown you away!

Your sister in Christ,

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