Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Onion does it again!

The Onion had a headliner yesterday entitled "Nation To Try Its Luck Out West" talking about how all 300 million Americans were soon to move West seeking a better life. The article states "No matter how bad things get or how dark tomorrow may seem, the one thing Americans can always count on is the promise of a better life somewhere else."

The article concludes with: At press time, the approximately 2 million square miles of land that make up the American West are experiencing the most severe rash of wildfires and earthquakes in recent history.


I can relate to the article, having once escaped to the West (Los Angeles, California) and because I am a lover of the West (Montana.) But I really don't have any illusions about how life is going to be so much better out West, quality of life wise. I just love mountains and dry air, is all.

Another Onion gem: see next post!

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