Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Penny on Obama and McCain

I wrote Penny asking her what she thinks about Obama. I told her I had some serious concerns about him becoming president. Here is her response:

I think that Obama and McCain are minimal or babes in Christ at best. I have some serious concerns about both candidates. My problem with Obama is and always been that he supports Gay civil unions and abortions. You cannot be a Democrat of any stature and not support these two issues.

My problem with McCain is that he is totally controlled by lobbyists. 6 of those in his inner circle were working lobbyists. McCain publicly speaks against abortions because you cannot be a member of the Republican Party of any stature and support gay marriage or abortions...(though that's changing). I have heard him questioned previously and he wavered on it. Once he was asked if he believe din abortions and he said No.... the he was asked what would do if his daughter got pregnant...he said he'd have to have a family meeting and when questioned farther about that he became irate.

They are both equal when it comes to morality and lack of Christian values....the only difference being Obama is at least honest about his beliefs. McCain says what he knows to be necessary. That's why many on the religious right do not trust him.

What bothers me most about McCain is that I think the man we see and the real man are two different people. His abusive temper with reporters is only a hint of the real character I think. His disrespect of women bothers me a great deal. For example: A few years ago while running for the Senate his wife Cindy was on the campaign trail with him and she playfully twirled his hair around her fingers saying "you're getting kinda thin up here"..to which he replied "At least I don't pile on a truckload of makeup like a trollop...you cunt" . This he said in the presence of everyone.....reporters, staff etc. If he will loos it and say something like that to the mother of his kids and 25yr companion he will turn on anybody. He has been nasty like this to more than a few reporters but not using sexist derogatory words like that.

Another thing...the way he treated his ex-wife. He was married to a beautiful model from Philadelphia named Carol. When he was a P.O.W. Carol was involved in a bad car accident where she was thrown through the windshield and seriously injured. Out of concern more for McCain she never allowed him to be told of her condition because she didn't want him to be worried about her while he was a P.O.W. himself. Well when he came home Carol was not quite the model he remembered...she was crippled, 3 inches shorter and overweight from her sustained injuries. McCain began partying at all the high society parties from coast to coast and he met Cindy a young beautiful woman 25yrs younger than him who was and is heir to one of the largest Anheiser Busch distributorships in the country. (young, beautiful and rich)

Long story short...he divorced Carol and married Cindy 5 weeks later. Carol's only comment publicly that I've seen is "he was 40 acting 25" or something like that. She was left with the kids and the $1,600 mth mortgage which he paid for her. Cindy is worth $125 million but has a tight pre-nup. Now I had tried to think...okay that was 25yrs ago...he has been faithfully married for 25yrs and seems to love Cindy... but I can't help but think of Carol sitting at home on a old couch watching him and his millionaire wife remembering when he cherished her like that when she was a beautiful model.

I think the democratic is sold out to special interests groups and the Republican Party is sold out to lobbyists and Big Business. Mitt Romney is a Mormon and the fact that he on McCain's list of possibly V.P. proves that he knows no more about Christianity than Obama does.

Obama was raised by a mother who did not believe in organized religion so he was exposed to every schism, ism, etc, , their library included books on Buddism etc. I think the organizations that have spent so much money undermining him and spewing out false information on him is unfortunate as many people actual believe it. I think he like many of us was at some point (professing Christianity and even believing we are but yet have not really had a true "yielding" to the Will of Jesus Christ.) He has been so busy the years sync he became a Christian that I think he showed up Sundays when in town but never had the time or inclination to really study scripture. Like Bush....when he said that "Muslims and Christians worship the same God"... I knew he had no clue.

I hate to quote Malcom X....but he once said "we have to choose the lesser of the two evils".

I am still praying about it.. but I sincerely think that Obama is the best for the country as a whole...even if not an ideal candidate for Christians. I think he is sincere in his desire to be fair to every American which is impossible. Its unfortunate that he is not black enough for some, and not white enough for others..which is a good thing I think....but hey..what do I know? Most of the rumors have been dismissed by the Media and anyone who took the time and energy to investigate on their own but unfortunately many Christians who believe the viscous emails and blogs have forwarded them to so many and they have hurt his image. And a radical group of Jews who fear him because of his middle name and pseudo Muslim father spread vicious emails and blogs also. He has enough valid faults and issues to address without making up bogus claims. I think he is definitely going to assist the "Gay Agenda" and "Pro-Choice" as well as he thinks like the world...not like a Christian. But then no one who was an authentic could even get enough support for a serious chance at the presidency.I pray that God will lead him to a church where he will be discipled by a Godly man who can correct his worldly ideology.

I was leaning towards Hucakby until I saw his ties to white racist supremacist group sin the South that he had been pandering to for support. And then I saw his 17+ ethics violations while governor and a lot of other ugly stuff.

Obama has the potential to be a wonderful president but he also has the potential to undo Row vs Wade....and give the homosexual agenda the power it has been working towards for years.

McCain on the other hand will be kept in check somewhat by the Republican Party conservatives...but their overall agenda serves nobody that is poor, elderly, middle class, or disenfranchised. I voted democratic most of my life and then began voting primarily Republican because I could barely find a democrat with a stance on anything moral. No I am just tire of Christians being pimped by a party that really only serves itself...

This may sound a bit crude...but just because McCain kisses us first does not mean he is not still screwing us.

I am just praying for guidance and discernment on these two. There are days I lean towards McCain and then there are days I despise him... Obama will never be all; things to all people but I think he is the best for the most people...even if that does not include me. It is I that will have to stand before God and be accountable for why I voted for a man that supports an agenda that makes a mockery of Godly union (man and woman). It is I that will have to account for an agenda that will allow millions of babies to be murdered. So I struggle deeply with this...and I am yet not 100% comfortable with either candidate. To be anti-abortion and pro-war is a contradiction....either way babies are being killed..so neither man fits my ideal so I am praying that God will work through this with me...

what do you think.....I know I was no help at all...and probably confused you even more,,,,

Sincerely...your sister in the Lord

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