Saturday, August 23, 2008

Penny Writes Again....

I have not seen any evidence that Obama is a disaster in dealing with our enemies. He is the one who said 3yrs ago that we should be in Afghanistan not Iraq.

McCain embarrassed the nation on nationwide tv by not even knowing teh difference between a Sunni & a Shiite and we at war with these people. He also admitte don Tv he knows nothing about economics. He was in Israel on the news during the largest Jewish Holiday and when asked about it..he had no clue..he said it's like halloween. He can't even taje a consistant stand on the ONE thing he should be sure about
"the torture of prisoner or war" snowboarding...he has flip flooped on even that.

He turned on Bush like a pit bull..and I dont know why people think if he betrayed his 1st wife, kids, Bush, and the Republican party that he will be loyal to Americans of whom he does not even know. The man said Sunday at saddleback that he thinks rich is a person that has 5 million dollars or more. He can't even relate to the averege American. His mother was an oil heiress. You think he wants to decrease our dependency on oil as he says now... he initially vehemently opposed to offshore drilling... Obama supported it as a temporay solution as we develope alternative soultions. McCain has now flopped and supports it also.

Obama has been honest in things that he supports that are unpopular, andhe has been consistant in the things that people may not approve of. I can respect a man that is honest and upfront. At least you know what you are getting.

With one knows who or what he really is...except maybe Cindy. He is running on the republican ticket yet he often betrays conservative ideals. He made some racist comments against Martin Luther Kings birthday being a holiday...yet showed up at the ceremony this year on the anniversary of Kings death and made an apology and said he was wrong. I would normally respect this and accept it as sincere except that it was only during this election that he did that.

The Reagans found a home for his 1st wife when he abandoned her...not McCain. They were close with him and they were totally caught off guard with his affair and marriage...and according to Arizona law...some in Arizona have said on blogs that his marriage to Cindy is not even legal...becaus ehe was married to Carol when he applied for marriage license to Cindy (but I dont know about this).

Any man that would call the mother of his children and wife of 25yrs a trollup and a cunt in full view of media and staff is a wolf in sheeps clothing and I shudder to think what he'd call a poor black woman like me who he does not not even know, or you or any other woman for that matter.

As scripture says "out of the mouth...come the things of the heart". That i sthe REAL MCCAIN....the one that slips out when he's angered or caught of guard.

Even though Cindy is worth over a hundred million dollars I feel sorry for her because she has the same basic needs as all of, respect, dignity etc. and I think she was woed by this old cheating goat and he molded her into exactly what he wanted. A rich trophy wife that would be "seen and not heard".

Except a man be sincerly yielded to the Will of God, nor merely a professing Christian, or a babe in Christ...his worldview is not going to line up with that of an authentic mature Christian. If a man can attain the level of presidency in this world system which is at enmity with Christ...he cannot possibly be yielded as he goes into ofc, He could not get enough votes. There are not enough REAL Christians in the U.S. to elect him. iF an election is close Christians can make the difference though as seen in Bush's case.. that's why Christianity is being prostituted by so many today. Like the Black Vote for prostituted for so many years by the Democratic party...and like the Hispanic vote is now being prostituted.

Obama is Pro Choice....which kills innocent people....
McCan is Pro War,,,which kills innocent people....

I do think the Democratic party as a whole is weak on national security but the Republic is strong only as it serves their personal interests...mainly oil or world dominion. We went into this war half cocked, under manned, under financed, and under informed. We cut billions from the CIA's budget for ground intelligence and spent most of what was left on technology... technology is limited when your enemy is in caves that go thousands of miles in underground tunnels. We were scrambling to even find Arab speaking people for intelligence.....and mo eof our boys were killed and for what....we are at the same place we Afghanistan with terroists in control.

McCain was in prison....not making decisions. I honor his sacrifice but the man has no more foreign experiance than a gazillion other military men.

A good leader is not an expert in everything...he is an expert at choosing the people who are best at whatever the task calls for. Obama is if nothing else a master organizer and adept at pulling people together from different sides of the fence.

His background which is not black or white, rich or poor, but multi-racial, multicultural, and having been poor and upper middle class, having been agnostic and now in a church make him at least in a position to see America from many angles and viewpoints. He is not perfect, but he reflects America better than some millionaire that does not even know how many houses he owns. Even in his immoral stance on abortion and civl unions for gays.... I must admit that best reflects the country..though not ME or my ideals. I don't put any trust in government....only God.

I am just praying that God will use whomever is elected to fulful his purposes. I don' think either candidate is all things to all people and i don't think either can fix all the ills of this wicked and perverse nation but for Women, Working People, Families, Healthcare, the Economy, and including the disenfranchised I have to weigh all this against gay rights and partial birth abortions. Since McCain says a pro life advocate would not eliminate a person from being his VP his stance is questionable in that area also.

Like you... I am tempted to to sit this one out...however too many of my ancestors suffered and paid too great a price for the privilege to vite for me to cower out like that.

So I pray...

I have not seen a shred of any truth to any of the allegations of him being anything except a gentleman and a scholar. I look at his record of the hundreds of bills that he authored and passed, and also of the ones he co authored. I look at his body of work in grass roots community organizing. I look at his ability to be more effective at passing legislation in a bi-partisan congress than anyone else. I look at his failures, and his strengths. It seems that because he is sooo squeaky clean his detractors have gone to great lengths to create a nasty image of him and they have been successful in that many people blindly accept it as fact because they need a legitimate reason to oppose him. It's often easier to hear what we want to hear rather the truth. Every credible and respectable political site along with most of the main stream media has finally acquiesced that the lies about him being sworn in on the Koran, refusing to pledge allegiance to the flag, being a Muslim, locking up his mother, being a terroist, etc. etc. etc. have been proven wrong. And most of the people who were caught initiating them were fired. But the bloggers once started dont take time to verify or confirm sources or information...and they rarely if ever go back and correct months of outragious propaganda, nor do they apoligize for defamimg a persons character after all this has been done.

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