Friday, August 22, 2008

Penny writes back..

I don't support Obama. I said it's a matter of the lesser of the two evils. What I said is that i am praying for guidance. I never said i supported Obama or my email again. I do know that a lot of racist propaganda has been spread to undermine his campaign. I don't think the ones spreading it are racist--they are professionals who are proficient on playing on the emotions of people who are subject to believe anything they hear in the media.

My objections to Obama are based on facts...that he is pro abortion and pro civil unions (the next best thing to gay marriage). Obama has enough legitimate issues to look at rather than getting caught up in all the malicious untruth sin many of the blogs. Even the mainstream media and all of the top credible political blogs have disproved most of this "stuff" going around. It is basically fear mongering and promoting suspicion in the minds of those who are either too lazy or unwilling to verify the validity of this stuff.

Obama has enough legitimate faults in my mind without bloggers having to create or print unverified stuff.

My problem is not with Cindy..she is not running for president. My problem is that McCain abandoned his wife Carol and his children because when he came home from the war she was not the beautiful model he married, but due to having been thrown through the windshield of a car she was overweight, 3-4 inches shorter due to reconstructive surgery, and not so pretty anymore. My problem is that he was cheating with Cindy and living with Carol and married Cindy 5 weeks after his divorce was final. My problem is that he applied for a marriage license to Cindy even before his divorce was final and in his new book he fudged the dates and facts a but the media has caught it. For the most part the media doesn't touch it much because it was soooo long ago, and Obama has not stooped to the level of going there either. Also Carol his wife is a lady and will not speak bad of him as he is the father of her children. Only once did she speak of it publicly and that was to say he was 40 and acting 25. Also she herself is 70yrs old now.

All you have to do is google the words McCain's ex wife and you'll get 415,000 hits but nobody is as interested in his faults as they are in Obama. I think that because Obama is pretty much a family man, nerd and workaholic politician, there is not enough dirt to satisfy most people who dislike him so they pick up any little shred of rumor and run with it.

I looked at the bills that he authored and co-sponsored. I looked at the positions in which he supports and objects.

I did the same equal scrutiny with every presumptive nominee and candidates prior to this also.

McCain did not even know the difference between a Sunni & a Shiite Muslim and we at WAR with these people. (this on nationwide prime time news he showed) He admitted he knows little or nothing about economics. He has flip flopped and betrayed the Republican party on several issues and he has flip flopped on the one area he should be convicted about in one way or another "the torture OD prisoners".

Ha gee and Rod Parsley said they didn't come to McCain..he came to them asking for their endorsement and support. When this blew up McCain distanced himself from them (rightly so...I can't blame on that)

I am tired and weary of immoral politicians(Democrats) but I am also tired and weary of politicians (Republicans) prostituting Christianity for votes.

I don't see Obama as a demon as he is being made out to be, but I vehemently disagree with him on several issues. The difference between him and McCain is that with Obama is he openly speaks his support of the things I disagree with so with him at least I know what I am getting.

McCain is a liar and not only has a history of corruption with lobbyists while in congress, but 6 of his top men in his inner circle were lobbyists. Recently he had to fire 1or 2 due to media scrutiny and the reputation of these. He cannot even relate much less care about the poor, elderly, or middle class. Look at the dialog from the questions he and Obama answered at Rick Warrens church this past weekend. When asked what he considered wealthy in this country...he said 5 million dollars. So his frame of reference about the reality of the average American is skewed.

Any I've seen him loose his temper and get nasty with reporters on more than few occasions but him to call his wife and mother of his kids a "cunt" in front of staff, reporters etc. is a sign of a man with underlying rage. He was running for Senate then and on the campaign trail so it about 3yrs ago I think...but that did it for me. I would not vote for him for a dog catcher. If he calls his wife a "cunt" in the presence of others what would he call "me" I wonder? Even if he had said this in private it speaks to the mans real character. But few bloggers will mention that incident. No one is blogging about him having tried to influence the FCC for a favor for a lobbyist that was supporting him...even though the FCC released the letter to the press many months ago.

If you think there is nothing wrong with a 45yr old man cheating on his wife with a 20yr old while she has undergone the worst experience of her life...then perhaps the words "For better or for worse" have a different meaning to you...but I think if he's disloyal to his wife and children he will be the same as a leader..."all for himself"...

I am not loyal to any political figure or party and I have not decided as to who is the best candidate for me overall but I have decided that for America Obama is the candidate who is best for Americans in general...and that is not necessarily a good thing at all. If Obama choose Hillary (which is unlikely) as his V.P. I would not even consider him either. I find her and her husband particularly egregious .

As I said earlier I am praying for guidance on this one...

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